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How to be inspired!

Well thankis Lauren for the drawing of what I would like to look like

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avatar xendid
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Hey Guys, Its Xendid Here

Just wanting to make a short (or long depending on how big my train of thought is) blog about how to be inspired and create your own original Ideas.

Famous Characters

So you guys must have seen fellow YouTubers such as Tobuscus, Yogscast, AntVenom, SkyDoesMinecraft, etc.

Those people have great ideas and I always wished that I could be like them.

I am not very famous at all. In fact I am invisible to the PlanetMinecraft Community. I bet many people won't even read this. Anyway getting off track. I bet you all wanted to be as famous as them.

So what do you do? Copy them? NO. YOU DON'T EVER COPY. You take their ideas. You think about them very carefully. You look at them with different views and imagine morphing it inot something entirely different.

Of course if you happen to be lucky enough or creative enough you come up with a completely new idea then thats great. Take their ideas and be inspired by them but don't make it too similar no one likes people on the bandwagon.


You guys must have some sort of hobbies or favorite activities other than MineCraft right? No? Me neither, and that is why you must learn to go find what you like to do when your computer is broken or laptop is dead. Me, I paint. You know I would consider making blogs is kinda like a hobby but people may disagree. You could take up planting (but don't spend too much time on minecraft or the plants might die)

A simple thing as planting a strawberry bush may lead to great idea of making a magocal rain forest map or a wonderful plants mod.

Thanks for reading ^_^ and subscribe for more!

Don't forget to comment below and diamond if you enjoyed :D

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