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How to beat The End on survival

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Part 2 For The Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9V-JYUzfi4&feature=mfu_channel&list=UL

I am teaching you how to beat The End on survival. I actually beat it on normal! I could make a video on how to but it would take a while to beat it again. I did this on my third try. I beat it on my first SURVIVAL try. Read this entire thing before you try!!!
First you need a diamond pickaxe, A bunch of water buckets, (optional) Flint and Steel, 3 stacks of ladders (or more), 5 stacks of arrows (more if you suck at shooting), finally, a diamond sword.
You need the pickaxe to dig the stones and stuff. I would say optional, but it can come in handy many times. It is not used to mine the obsidian towers.
The water is to make Endermen leave you alone. Once you place the water, pick it back up once it has flooded. If you know how to make a infinite source of water that can follow you, GO AHEAD!
Flint and steel is to light endermen on fire to kill them and know where they always are. I didn't use it but you could. Also, they don't get mad if you light them on fire.
You need a bunch of ladder to climb up the tower towards the end of the battle. Do this once you have destroyed all of the healing places. Once all healing places are destroyed, climb up and shoot the dragon and attack him with your sword to when he comes to attack you. The obsidian doesn't blow up so just dodge the attacks.
The Bow and Arrows are for shooting at the end (look at the ladders) and for blowing up the healing places. While he is getting healed you have to blow up the one that is healing him and he loses his health. That is the original way you are supposed to beat him. He will be getting healed a lot so blowing them all up wont completely kill him, which means you can shoot him for he rest of the time.
Finally the diamond sword is for attacking endermen and the enderdragon. You cant shoot endermen and the diamond sword does more damage when attacking the dragon. Also use when on top of the tower towards the end of the fight.
Please comment and if this made you get farther into the battle or even kill him in survival, please don't take all the credit and say I helped you a tiny bit. Commenting would be very helpful in the future. Also I think I am the only person to kill him on survival :D. Also bring food like golden apples :) I will make a video soon. Last but not least, If you kill him on normal like I did, you should go up about 90 - 120 levels.

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