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How to become a master builder 😄

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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Hello reader ! So you want to be a master builder ? It’s easy ! Just use your imagination ! What do you want to build ? Skyscraper , prison , or even just a cosy cottage for you to live in ! You don’t need any specific materials , anyone can build ! The first thing you need to do though is believe in yourself otherwise you will get absolutely nowhere . Say you want to build a house , find a flat piece of land (unless it’s a mountain house or a sky block house) and just think of what you want to build . Let’s do a small cottage today . All you need is probably at least 2 types of wall materials . 2 or 3 materials is perfect . Never over decorate though , that’ll just make your house too ugly . Place one block and another like you normally would do ,
but at the corner , use a different material to show exactly where the house walls go and also just for decoration . You could add flower pots and the colour of glass you want and stick to that colour . Try to add a sloped roof and if you really want to then some dormer windows ! What furniture do you want ? And there you are ! A cute little cottage for you to live inside ! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial ! Please give me a diamond and give me a comment on if I was helpful !

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