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How to become a mod/staff/op/admin on a minecraft server!

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This is always asked. A lot of players like to become staff members on a server they like to dedicate more to.
Some people just do it to get powers to abuse. If so, this won't benefit you people. (You know yourself ;), "I am from PMC give me op"). Now for the real people that would like a staff status to be able to benefit the server they like and play on a lot.

1) Well the first thing is, it has to be the right server. Look more into it. Is it just a factions server were the owner and admins abuse a lot? Is it a cracked server which lack security? Exactly. You want a good server to join. A server were staff are going to act professional and the owner is not having problems paying the upkeep so you know its going to live for a long time. Also make sure its dedicated because home-hosted servers are unstable, laggy, and the owner will have to keep his machine on forever so it's almost impossible to make it 24/7.
So yeah, it has to be a server that will last long.

2) Next, it has to be a server that YOU enjoy! If you don't like faction servers, don't go try to be a staff on them. If you don't like towny, then don't try to be a staff on a towny server! Before you become staff, you are going to have to enjoy your time on the server for a long time. Owners like consistent users that play almost everyday 2 days.

3) Then, help others before yourself! Don't go spam in the chat: "ANYONE NEED HELP!!??". Instead when a person needs information about the server, tell them as much as possible. If someone needs some items, give it to them if you have a lot. Don't go give people everything and leave nothing for yourself. Staff are going to think that you are just doing this to become a staff member. Don't complain about errors that happen were you might of got your inventory cleared over a glitch. Just ask the owner or staff nicely, "The inventory got cleared. Can I have the stuff I had please?". Also vote for the server everyday. That will show the owner that you support it. And if you have the money, try and donate (Not a requirement. Don't bother yourselves if you aren't able to do so.)

4) After that, when you have been on the server for a while and ready to become a staff member. Don't ask, "Can I be a staff member?". Most servers have a forum or site or any other place to apply. They usually have a required format to use for your application. Simple fill it up with the information about you and the server and how you will be able to help the server. Be as professional as possible in an application. Use good grammar and spelling.

5) Moreover, if you don't get accepted, don't go rage quit out of the server! Accept the owner's decision! After all, you didn't come to this server to be a staff member. you came because you enjoy the server type. So after about 4-5 months, try again for the position.

6) Now if you get it, don't abuse your powers. People don't start out as OP or admin. It's usually helper or Mod. At your first rank, you usually don't get creative, or world edit. You usually get the power to /warn or/and /kick. So don't abuse them.

7) Stay nice to other staff members and don't cause trouble or you can get demoted. Don't ask for a promotion or ask how you can get it. They will give you a promotion if they simply think you are ready. I got promoted from Sub-mod (like helper) to mod in 2 weeks and admin in another 2 weeks. However, I know people that waited 10 MONTHS to be promoted from mod to admin. Usually a bigger server takes more time.

So this is how you could be a staff member on a server you like playing :)
If you find this helpful, diamond,

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Update #2 : by TeOzMath 09/21/2013 8:19:43 amSep 21st, 2013

UPDATE: You have to find good ways to contact the server staff members. Lots of servers talk on skype or/and teamspeak. So, as a bonus, I recommend you download those 2 essential programs for they are important means of communication between server staff members!

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