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how to become less of a skinning noob / with eshii / beginners tutorial

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Level 5 : Apprentice Party
okay. Guys. I dunno why you clicked on this.

this is a tutorial for beginners! It's meant

a fly is flying around my room rn and I'm scared :')

I have decided to write this article, and it is 11:18 pm. So don't harass me for having bad writing skills.

I spent 20 min making the thumbnail for this blog. Don't hurt me.

ok, so a little secret here. I dunno what I'm doing either. None of us know what we're doing. Ok? I just have a bit more experience than you. This feeling of not knowing how to make your work better will stay with you for the rest of your skinning career-

mmm...wasn't that last part a bit optimistic.

No, but for real though. This is in fact a legit tutorial blog.

it's for beginners and those that are just starting out today! so click on the drop down menus when you're ready for them. <3 ig
beginners. Like very beginners
Alright. It's actually an honor for you to be reading this blog. It'll help you a bit on your way of becoming less of a noob for skinning

pLease guys. I beg of you. Do not fill your skins with noise.

if you don't know what this is. It's this button right here.
how to become less of a skinning noob / with eshii / beginners tutorial



I don't know if this was only a me problem when I was beginning on skinning, but I did not know where to place the eyes.

Generally for all eyes they are in this exact spot
how to become less of a skinning noob / with eshii / beginners tutorial

and after this step you could add eyelashes (which is what the majority of people do)

I'm going to show you basic girl eyelashes. You can change these however you like. In the future I will do a more in depth tutorial of eyes. When that's out, I'll link that one here:

how to become less of a skinning noob / with eshii / beginners tutorial

and then I would add pupils

And you could do these steps but in any colors.

thats a very basic tutorial for eyes.


one you know these, you can make some basic skins. Like some that my friends have made.

skin link

now, an intro to shading.

Beginners: an intro to shading
It seems like you are now interested in learning about shading. What is that exactly?

well, basically it's like adding shadow to something.

an outfit I'm making for example:

before shading:

After shading (plus some design tweaks. But you get the idea)

guys, my style is REALLY complicated. Don't be overwhelmed plz. Ive been doing this skinning thing for 2 years. AAA

Alright guys, let's observe a photo of some human being :DD

Now, let's look for where the most noticable shadows are.

The ones between the arms and the torso are extremely noticable.

and the ones between the legs are also noticable.

(Ik you can't see it. Calm down. It would be there is it wasn't for the black pants)

[​Photo found on Pinterest]

Alright, I'ma add this to a new base.

You can apply this to any skin.

for example: an old reshade skin that I made. Shaded with this basic shading.

It seems like the hair doesn't look very shaded. So, let's cover some basic hair shading next.


oK let's do this. Ha...ha. cries because I suck at hair.


hair is tricky. Like all the time ok? BUT as you being a beginner let me help you with it.

shading is basically just putting the shadows where it would normally go. Imagine where the shAdowS are LocAtEd
but for hair, ok. It sucks. I hate hair. sure, designing hair is beautiful. It's so easy. But shading it is another struggle ;-;

mk, let's just use this reference image for basic hair shapes.

again, shading is basically putting down darker colors. So that the skin has some form of depth. So it doesn't just look like a bunch of colors.

So, let's see what you see inside of this image.

I'll wait. (omg teacher flashbacks)

I see the shadows that form where the hair is on top of each other. so it doesn't look like a piece of paper or smth. I realized that was an awful comparison and I'm sorry B)


so the shadows are there. yayayayayay

nOw we put it on a skin. Let's do soO whOoOooOo. Now, I believe in you guys. I'm just doing rEally simple stuff, okay. 👍
Other tutorials for un beginners will be here soon :D

I'm going to add that to the reshade skin that I have.

Ok, so I'm imagining this skin's hair as wavy-ish. So if that happens, then the shadows would form in a different way! More curly, y'know.

So I would apply this to the skin.

Now, that's all for the shading portion. :DD. hope this helps someone lol

ok! So this is a brief beginners tutorial to skinning.

I edited it so it was a bit better ? A little more understandable lol. BUT I will be doing some more tutorials later, ones that focus on specific topics. :DD

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07/03/2022 11:29 am
Level 49 : Master Taco
iNomarsiii avatar
06/30/2022 2:19 pm
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar

Lol I love the

Before shading:

Okay now just add some shading

After shading:

*100 steps have been skipped*

Explaining shading and stuff is so hard :/
06/30/2022 4:04 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Eshii avatar
ikr :')

I should make some other tutorials explaining just specific elements of the skin like just hair shading and stuff like that.
07/01/2022 2:11 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Lego Builder
_Grace avatar
I seemed to like the enthusiasm, it made it seem less boring, and more fun to just
enjoy, and pretty brief! :)

And, I think making other tutorials explaining the other elements of skinning would
be helpful to people too!

Overall, fantastic tutorial, I'm glad to see finally someone uploading, haha!

No one has even uploaded a single skin, but, oh well, that's alright. c:
06/30/2022 11:15 am
Level 30 : Artisan Lego Builder
_Grace avatar
What a great tutorial, thank you! :D
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