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How to Become Popular on a Minecraft Server!!!

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So, you're not as popular on a server you play on? Have little to no friends? Play by yourself? Want that to change? Wanna be the most popular person on your server? Well there are a couple different ways to accomplish this! :D Ill give you some inside tips to do become popular on a Minecraft server! The dos and don'ts!

How to Become Popular-

1. Join a server. (I suggest a newer server or a smaller server)

2. Don't be shy! Be outgoing! Say "Hi" right when you join! :D

3. If you want to get in with the staff and owners, once in a while ask if you can help with anything to show your interest in the server. To show you really care!

4. If you are a good builder let people notice you are! Then they might want you to build something for them and that's great bonding!

5. Don't show off though. Guys don't flirt with every girl you see on the server. You ain't gunna get them. Girls... don't get inappropriate skins that attracts weird guy players that you don't want. You're asking for it!

6. Don't talk the talk. Don't swear, don't act "cool" (you aren't), don't lie about who you are.

7. Just follow the rules of the server. (Gets you a better chance of staff if you do for most servers.)

8. Joke around! Be the "funny guy/girl" of the server!

9. Don't talk bad about others behind their back though. Then others my think you do the same for them.

10. Just be yourself! :D Don't be someone you are not! Trust me. It doesn't take any work, you aren't lying to others, and it's really nice to know people like you for you! :D

If you follow these simple rules and tips, you will be very popular on any server! :D If not... well then they are stupid cause id totally like to meet people like you on my server! xD If you would like join my server then go to http://electrocraftnetwork.enjin.com/ and join the site. The IP is -=ElectroCraft=-

~Chase (chaser79)
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