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How to become pro at Factions


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Today I'll be showing you guys how to become a pro at Factions. Note: These reccommendingas are from my own personal experience on factions, maybe they'll sound a little weird to you.

Step 1, Basics
The beginning. Where it all starts.. Well yeah, the first thing what you want to do on a Faction server is find yourself a place as far away from spawn as possible. I recommend a Jungle or Mountain biome because of their height and resources. When you have found yourself a place you are gonna dig down, but remeber never dig straight down! Allways dig safe so you won't fall into lava. When you have reached bedrock you want to start digging to the sides and create a little base. Set your home (/sethome) and set another home on the surface. Now fill the hole back up so there is no intrance to your base.

Step 2, Base
When you have a base you are gonna need the next things: A infinite watersource (place 2 water on each corner of a 2x2 hole to make obsidian), lava supply (for obsidian), Seeds, Eggs. That are the basic things you need. Hwn you are on the bottom of your base you will have to create an area to store your goodies, a farm for plants, a farm for chickens. When you have these you can go try to mine diamonds and create yourself armor and Tools. Make sure you allways have every level of your base at bedrocklevel. You are also gonna need iron, to create buckets. Because now we are gonna reinforce the base, take your buckets filled with water and pickaxe to a lavapool, and start atking away the lava into obsidian, allways make sure you mine in such a way that the lava wont burn the obsidian entities. When a server has MCMMO you can use super-drill to mine more blocks at once. Use this obsidian to give your base some extra strong walls, so tnt wont break it open. Now you are ready for confrontation.

Step 3, Confrontation
If you gathered all goodies (Armor, sword, bow, food) You can go into the world. Try to find small factions who aren't taht good yet. Go get them killen and steal everything they have. Mine all valuable materials inside their bases adn sue it for your own. If you do this for a while you wil became stronger + The players give you XP. Just continue doing this for a while so you are ready for the next step.

Step 4, Get friends to help you
Factions containing alot of people won't work, you can easily get a traitor in and your dead. So allways keep your faction 1-5 People and only invite real-life friends. They can all help you get more goodies. Also you can use one of your friends to infiltrate in another faction. Simply get your friend to help a bigger faction for a while, after they trust him/her and invite him/her to the faction the sneaky snitching can start. You must wait untill all the players from that faction are offline, then get your friend to steal all their resources and valuables. After that is done you can blow up the base with tnt. But don't waste the TNT, TNT is one of the most valuable and handy items within the World of Factions.

Step 5, The big confrontation
The last step, the big confrontation with the biggest Faction. If you have enough supplies. (Enchanted your swords and armor) You can go confront the main faction. But before you need some stuff, You will need to enchant all your supplies to pro-level. You can get this really easily by makes a XP-Farm. This one from Monkeyfarm is a pretty well-working XP-Farm. After you have enchanted all your stuff to pro level, go to confontation. get your friend to infiltrate with the biggest faction. After he's in you are gonna wait untill only 1 person is online. You are gonna go kill this person and get his goodies, after that get the items inside their base. Blow everything up and set in on fire with lava. You can again confront the next person that comes on , over and over.

And when you are bored, go lurk in the trees and wait when untill the players come along. Go shoot them and then kill, what ever you want. This is the most fun side of factions in my opinion!

Now you succesfully became pro at Factions.

Important notes:
# Never use skybases! They cause a big shadow on the ground which will give away your hiding stop immediately.
# Allways leave no evidence behind on griefed bases, if they find out that you're using people in infiltrate you're fucked.
# Keep your base unaccessable from the surface.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If it was please tell me.

-- EpreTroll --

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  • EdiBoy21
  • Level 30
  • Artisan Architect
  • October 28, 2013, 9:11 am
Wana be pro in faction? Dowwnload hack client, mine some diamiond, make axp farm, enchant dmd arrmor ro protect 1 kill someone who have better diamond arrmors. Congratz you arethe best!
  • Westerbeeker
  • Level 21
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • October 28, 2013, 6:23 am
Cool! +1 Dia

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