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How to become Staff on Almost Any Server

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Have you always wondered why you aren't getting staff on any servers? I can tell you one way you can almost get staff on any server.

You are going want to intrigue and impress the person that will be reviewing your form, make sure it is nice, and that it stands out. You can highlight the important things, but this is not necessary. No server owner wants another old boring staff member, that has a simple form. Had extra stuff that is not needed, tell him why you should be staff. Be upfront, but subtle.
If they ask if you have any experience on another server, don't lie and say yes. Post the IP for proof, so they can look at it, and connect to it if it is still up. Do not lie and say "but it is not up anymore". Even if you have, but it is down, I usually just don't include it in the experience proportion of it.
Make your form a decent length. Don't make it short, you leave out a lot of info this way. Remember, add extra unneeded info. It may sound odd, but it is always nice to know who they are going to be promoting.

My form that I base my things off of

Applying for: Admin

Age: 13 almost 14
(Very mature for my age, well at least in my eyes.)

In game name: Digital_Taunt

Skype: DigitalPred

Location: Texas, USA

Timezone: Central

How long have you played minecraft?: Right around 2 years.

Do you have any past experience moderating a minecraft server? If so which server, what were your responsibilitys, and why are you not there anymore?: Co owner on Widow PVP ( )
and co owner on ( ezeecraft.com )
Head moderator on aeroverse ( aeroverse.cu.cc:25583 )
Head moderator on DaedraCraft ( daedragodz.com )
Head moderator on DopeCraft ( mc.dopetothecraft.com )
Admin on Camelot ( )
Why do you want to be a part of staff?: Because I love to help out the community anyway I can. I know how to deal with trolls and minges, and I stick to the rules. I am very strict and I think I can benefit the server.

What can you bring into the server?: I can bring strictness and moderation to your server. Strictness is key to a good server, to make sure everyone has fun. There does need to be rule enforcing to make sure everyone has fun. I think I can also bring trustworthyness and leadership to the group. I will watch over the members, and make sure they are playing correctly. If another staff member needs help, I will lead them into the right direction.

How many hours can you put into the server?: On weekdays I can get around 3 hours in. And me having no life, on the weekends I can put around 16!

Can you be active on the forums?: Of course! I am always looking a forum to spend some time in. I love forums, and have a proud 2.5k posts on another forum. Top poster ;)

Can you donate?: Yes, I can donate. I make around 30 bucks from Youtube. ALTHOUGH, I do not want to become staff just because I can donate. To me that is not fair to the other people applying, and I would be stealing a spot I do not deserve.

Can you promote us?: Of course I can! I have a 5,000 subscribed channel on Youtube. I can post videos of the Server and leave comments on other peoples videos! I am willing to spend a few bucks on advertisements if I have the money, and I am willing to post on forums, and do give aways. Again IF I have the money.

Other info that is not needed: I know a lot about mybb, and I used to help run a site. One of the owners went crazy and messed it all up, as you see here ( sinatral.com/ )
I can hopefully put a few bucks into the site, I get a decent about from Youtube and a few other Private Money Making Methods. I can code a bit, mostly mods, just getting into Plugins for my friend Javi. ;)

03/06/2014 6:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
What is your YouTube name?
05/03/2013 3:46 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Awesome Thanks! Diamond for you
05/02/2013 11:03 pm
Level 43 : Master Architect
You have clearly put some time into this blog sub and diamond :)
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