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How to build a cottage

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How to build a cottage

This tutorial will show you how to build a cottage similar to the one in the screenshot.
  1. Start by choosing your blocks. One should be a wood material (such as oak planks) and a stone material (cobblestone,stone bricks, smooth stone etc.)
  2. Create a 16 by 16 base. Make it 3 blocks tall in a normal flat world, otherwise simply flatten an area.
  3. Create the shape of your cottage with your stone material. I recommend 8 by 8 blocks in a corner. One shape I use a lot is an L shape.
  4. Build a porch with a slab (preferably a stone material) to fill in the missing space so your cottage takes 8*8 blocks.
  5. Replace a slab in the front with a stair, made with the same material.
  6. Make a gravel path from one side leading up to the stair. Try to make it a unique shape rather than a straight line.
  7. Build some lights next to the path. I use 3 block tall cobblestone walls with a redstone lamp and an inverted daylight detector on top.
  8. Place some trees. I build my own trees but you can use saplings as well.
  9. (optional) Create a flower pattern. Use tall flowers to do this. One example is a small line of lilacs.
  10. (optional) Create a small stream with gravel on the bottom. Use barriers to prevent the water from flowing out until you build another plot.
  11. Use bone meal on the rest of the garden.
  12. (optional) Make your porch fancy! I like to outline it with a stone material and place anvils on top.
  13. Build the house up. Make the corners stone and the middle wood. This outline should be 4 blocks tall.
  14. Furnish your house. Add a floor and place the ceiling so that there is a 3 block tall space in between. Then add some items such as a bed and a chest, and other blocks you would use in survival mode.
  15. Build the roof. There should be a 1 block overhang and it should be made with stone. Use stairs for this.
  16. (optional) Dig a cellar. Place more furniture down there and build a ladder so you can get down there.
  17. (optional) If the roof is big enough, turn the inside into an attic. Place chests and add a ladder so you can get up there.
  18. Replace the blocks around the stream (if you have one) with leaves and line the edge of your plot that will be connected to the road with leaves.
  19. Enjoy your small, detailed cottage!

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