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How to build a Diamond Mansion

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avatar megangirl
Level 28 : Expert Artist
HEY! I am going to tell ya'll how to build a diamond mansion! But first, I must warn you: YOU NEED PATIENCE TO DO THIS! Oh and to build this, it took ME 50 minutes :) Lets start!

1: First you need to make a path out of diamonds. I made mine 13 blocks long, and 4 blocks thick. PS it is above the ground not IN the ground.

2: You need to put 2 stone brick stairs at the front.

3:Grab some cobble stone walls and put them on the sides of your path. ON the path it will need to be 2 blocks high, but when you are putting them next to the stairs, it wil need to be 3 blocks high.

4: behind the path you just made, add 6 blocks long ways, and then make it go up like a stair case.

5: Now on the stair case add the cobble stone walls, On the path it's two blocks high, but when it's going up onto the stairs it's 3 blocks high. When you put them on the end of the staircase it is once again, 2 blocks high.

6: Next add the stone brick stairs on the stairs.

7: To make your path/staircase stand out, underneath each cobble stone wall place a block of glowstone.

8: Ok now, behind the staircase, make a diamond wall. I made mine 29 blocks long.

9: Now make the right and left walls. I made them 38 blocks long.

10: Add the last wall.

11: NOW THIS IS THE PAITENT PART. You need to make the roof as it may be called now. But it will auctally be the floor for our house.

12: Now once you have done that, on the sides of every wall you just made, destroy the top line and replace it with glowstone so it will stand out.

13: Now make a two block high wall out of cobble stone walls, but only go up to the 11th line.

14: Infront of the wall you just made, across the floor/roof you made before, make a two block high diamond wall.

15: Now we need to decorate-ish the entrance to our majestic home. That isn't quite done yet.... Ok, on the sides, left and right, make a 5x5 Grass block area. It will be in the middle of the sides.

16: 0k, now infront of the cobble stone wall walls, you made, and the diamond one, put a line of grass blocks.

17: Now on the lines of grass you made, you will place lilacs. Or rose bushes... Just it needs to be a 2 block high flower.

18: Hey remember the patches of grass you made on the sides? Well on the second row, you are going to place a birch wood sappling in the middle! Use bonemeal on it to make it grow. (Do this for both sides)

19: Now make a double-doorway in the diamond wall.

20: Make the diamond wall five blocks high in total.

21: On the glowstone lines make diamond walls (5 blocks high)

22: Now you need to make a roof. BUT, the roof is going to have stairs on it so you must make the roof go like this: You need to make one line, and then anotheer line but it has to be one block higher. Then repeat that.

23: Once you have done that 4 times: you need to start making the roof flat.

24: Ok you have made the rest of the roof flat. Now in the middle of the roof you are going to dig a hole. Make sure this hole looks even in your roof. It can be any size, but it must be in the flat part not the stair part.

25: OK. you have made the big hole, now in that hole put glass in it. ny coloured glass but perferifly clear.

26: Now of the bumpy part of your roof, put the stone brick stairs on it.

27: Now go inside your house and put TORCHES!!!! :D..... and decorate it!

28: ISN'T THIS AMAZING? YOU FINISHED YOUR MANSION!?!?!?! It took such a long time! But now it's done!!!!

If you have any question or you need help, please comment below.

07/12/2014 12:38 am
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Oops, thanks for that.
07/11/2014 10:33 pm
Level 27 : Expert Archer
Just a point-out, you typed in "questopn" at the end of the article
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