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How to Build a Medieval House

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Hello everybody!

Right now, you are reading a tutorial about how to make a small medieval house.
If you want, you can download the project so you can view the building in Minecraft, which makes it easier to understand. It also may come in handy when you want to view the building in a different angle.

1. First you build the floor with some stone slabs and the gravel path, where the door will be.

2. On top of every stone slab place a cobblestone wall, place a stone brick stair in between every stone wall, except for the one with the gravel path, that's where the door will be. Place spruce logs in every corner, and in the middle of the two longest walls.
3. Put a chiseled stone brick in the middle of every spruce log, except for the one where the door is. Build the walls up one block.

4. Build the walls in de corner up one block again. Place stairs on the other walls (look at picture 4) build the walls up one block with spruce logs and stone bricks.

5. Place spruce logs sideways between the other spruce logs in the wall, except for the front and the back. Place spruce stairs against the logs you just placed.
6. Place spruce logs sideways in the front and the back. Place stairs against those all the way from the front to the back. Don't forget to place upside down stairs in the inside of the building against the roof. (8)


7. Finish the roof with upside down stairs in the front and in the back. Place spruce planks in the hole that are left in the roof.


8. How the upside down stairs look like from the inside.

Now your house is finished, keep in mind you can download a map where the house is built if you want to take a closer look.
We hope you enjoyed our first blog!

~ Ascending Builders
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