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How to build a Scots Pine Tree - Tutorial

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Hello builders!

Welcome to my building tutorial on how to make spruce trees in my way.

First of all, you might be wondering; why are trees so important, from my point of view?

Trees are often one of the most important aspects of terrain or a build. It can totally change the looks and the feels that a build gives you, so better it be a well-made tree, and not a bad one.

First, if you are planning on having the tree with 6 sided logs without an orientation, I suggest using a place-holder that later you can replace with the oak wood (or spruce wood, depending if you're going for the combination of Spruce Log + Dark Oak stairs & slabs + spruce leaves). Unless you are building your tree directly in terrain, start building above-ground, so that you can work on its roots.

After you've built the roots like showcased in the video, you can start working on the trunk. When the trunk is finished, you can work on the branches. Build the branches going upwards, or straight. On top of them, place little flat bunches of leaves with 1-3 leaf blocks on top of that layer.

It takes me 15 minutes to complete the whole tree.

You should be done!

Watch the video that teaches how to build them, and if you have any questions, feel free to put a comment here or on YouTube.

How to build a Scots Pine Tree - Tutorial
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How to build a Scots Pine Tree - Tutorial
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How to build a Scots Pine Tree - Tutorial

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