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How to build a Viking House

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Hello, this is an easy to follow tutorial of how to build a classic Minecraft Viking style house.

Before you start you will need to find a world (I recommend any biome with snow) to start your build.

Step 1:

Layout the first level of your house using spruce logs for structure and stone brick for the foundation.


Step 2:

Build up the spruce logs to the desired level and place cobble stone 1 block behind the logs, leaving space for windows. Alternatively you could use stone brick, wooden planks, wool, snow, or stone for the walls.


Step 3:

Place the spruce logs along the existing logs, overhanging the wall by 1 block, as shown in the picture.


Step 4:

For a second level, place wool (or whatever material you want) 1 block behind the horizontal logs. On top of the wool, place more spruce logs.


Step 5:

Viking houses had steep pointed roofs to keep the snow off, so that is how I have created my roofs. Just place wooden stairs on the lowest part of your roof, then a wooden block, then stairs again, as seen in the picture below.


Step 6:

Once your roof is complete, you can fill in the space between the walls and the roof with a pattern of wooden logs and wool. Use any design you want.


Step 7:

On the tips of your roof, use a combination of wooden slabs, stairs and blocks for a decorative piece.


Step 8:

Adding attic windows adds more interest to the otherwise dull roof.


Step 9:

Flower baskets and wooden shutters give the house a bright and welcoming look. Place grass blocks on the wooden logs of the second level, traps doors on the sides and a stair block in the middle. Fill the flower baskets with flowers, saplings, or grass.


Step 10:

Your Viking style house in now complete! Additionally, you could add trees, shrubs, farmland and roads for a more realistic look.


I hope that my guide has helped you to create your own Viking style house.

Thank you for reading.

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