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How To Build Something AWESOME!

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avatar charman305
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There are a bunch of people on minecraft who can build a house out of wood, but can't make a giant castle, even on creative. To help, i started the new tutorial series and i am taking requests by people in the comments :). Anyway, today i will teach the people who dont know how to build something awesome how to do so step by step:

Step 1: Think of something you want to build. (This shouldnt be to hard; its MINECRAFT! You've gotta be creative or else you wont win a building contest and wont survive the creeper apocolypse!)

Step 2: Say your idea is a castle. Figure out how it should look when it is finished. (Example: A castle with 4 towers and a drawbridge and made out of iron blocks)

Step 3: Start building! First, you should make the blocks into the shape (and size) that you want it to be.

Step 4: By this time, if you are lazy, you should probably drop out. This step will take awhile. What you need to do is make the build, tending to it everyday as you make the disign of the building. Be sure not to mess up! That would suck...

Step 5: If you are finished with the main outline of the build, (Like the castle towers and main base) now add some AWESOME details, such as a drawbrigde to a castle, or add mossy stone brick to make it look older than it really is! Or even the flag of your country or just make a flag up! Be creative!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be finished once youve completed all the steps. If not, repeat step 5 or even 4 until it is perfect!


03/12/2012 6:30 pm
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05/09/2014 5:29 am
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