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How to change your skin

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Lazerous's Avatar Lazerous
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Hi, welcome to my tutorial on how to change your skin. I've seen a few people on servers wit the default skin so here's how to do it.
Step 1: Go on to www.minecraft.net
Step 2: Log into your account by clicking 'log in' in the top right corner and fill in the required information.
Step 3: Go onto 'Skins' on the bar at the top of this website and choose one you like.
Step 4: Download it OR choose to automatically change it. (The second is the easiest)
Step 5: If you have chosen the second option go to step 6 otherwise, Go back to www.minecraft.net and click 'Profile'. You should be presented a screen with multiple sections. Look for 'Change my skin' click the 'Choose File' button and find your skin that you downloaded and select that. Now click 'Upload image' and now you have changed your skin. :D
Step 6: Allow the website to change your skin and now your skin has been changed. :D

Tutorial by Lazerous

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