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How to choose good staff members [Detailed and Organized!]

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CGBrothers's Avatar CGBrothers
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Here is a good way to select staff on your server. For any server, from vanilla, to the server that is perfectly set up.

Have your ranks.
It is important to have set ranks and follow those ranks. Here is a example of ranks:
*UPDATED: Came up with better names.
Head Mod
Head Admin
These ranks are good for two reasons. One, it lets you have alot of staff without seeming to have too many staff members. Players hate it when there are 30 admins on, but if there is one admin and e two admin-s, they do not mind as much. Second, it lets you control permissions, and lets players gradually gain your trust. Something I like to do is really have Admin- as a background admin. They aren't as public, are not as loved (sadly). But this allows them to catch the people who are smart enough to watch out for Admins. Try to keep the Admin- ranks more obscure. Another thing is that Admin does not get World Edit. Only Admin+, Head Admin, Co-owner, and Owner.
A common mistake people make is with co-owner. Co-owner literally means second owner - so treat him/her as such. No need to have 5 people with the [Owner] title, just throw them in the Co-owners.

Now you have your ranks. Now you need to follow them.

How to follow your ranks.
This is a very simple concept. Lets say a player joins and says:
Player: I am op on 3 servers!
Owner: Cool, heres mod. Do a good job.
First off, no. Do not skip any ranks. If we followed my pre-set ranks, Mod- is first. Mod- would be very limited, maybe just mute and kick, maybe even jail. So even if you made someone a Mod-, they could do no damage that you would not be able to easily see (like banning a player.) Second off, this shows to your players that you are weak and will accept anyone who can come up with a good resume.

Now you have ranks, and how to legitimately promote someone. This is all cool, but you don't wanna make any mistakes. That is what a application is for.

A application is for you to get a spoonful of a players brain. You get the tip of how they act, are they mature, should they be a staff member on my server?
A good application would be somewhere along these lines: (I will help create one for you if necessary)
Your IGN:
Your Age:
Do you have skype?(Or if you have a voice client [like vent, teamspeak, etc])
Maturity:(Most players wont legitimately fill this out, so dont pay attention too much to this.)
Situation one
Situation two
etc. (The situations are somethng like: A player logs on and starts spamming. You are a chat moderator, what do you do?)
These are very important. It will show how much a player knows (For example if they say "Tell them to shut up." it shows they do not understand warnings and /mute)
Previous Experience with staffing a server:
I have filled this out with complete honesty: x___________

This is a good application. Yes, it takes time to fill out. So does being a responsible staff member. DO NOT promote them if they forget a section, merely tell them then decide later.

Your nearly finished! You have your ranks, how to promote players, and your application.

[spoiler='Stalking' your staff.]Now you need to 'stalk' your applications. Whoever applied, watch them, make sure they break no rules, and are kind and mature. Now this is the part I can not help you with. Not only that, but this will make or break your staff. This is your decision, I come from the point of view that if the Owner cant do whatever it is necessary to to keep their server alive, then that server will utterly fail. Now is the type to type the dreaded command, the one to promote a player. This is a huge jump for you and your server, your opening it up to your decided players. THIS is why it is so important to have multiple ranks.
A few people have not understood the importance of multiple ranks. This nullifies the emotion everyone has, from angel to devil, and that is greed, ambition, whatever you wanna call it. If a player in one day suddenly receives /ban, they will not understand the implications and how powerful it is. Common dilemmas:
Default: Hey owner can I be mod?!
Owner: Sure!
Mod: Omg ty!
Owner has left the game.
Mod: time to ban that one guy who killed me...
Mod has banned PvPer for: YOU KILLED ME! WHAT NOW?!

See the problem there? Now, following my above stated ranks with Mod-:
Default: Owner, can I be mod?
Owner: Sure!
Mod-: Omg tyyyyy!!!!!
Owner has left the game.
Mod-: Time to ban that one guy...
Mod-: Error: You do not have permission to ban!
*Owner on console:
Server: Why did you just try to ban him?
Mod-: Who? (Playing dumb)
Server: You obviously do not deserve mod- on my server.
Default: NOOOO why did I have to hold such terrible emotions!?!?!

And that is why you want multiple ranks - you can catch players like the Default/Mod player in my action sequence above.

The decision.
Tell your selected player that you want to promote him. Tell him/her the staff rules, the server rules, and what you expect. Then type whatever command necessary to promote him/her. It will (believe it or not) get easier as they gain higher ranks, because that player will start to become your friend, you start understanding that player. So until they are nearing the Head Moderator position, try not to become close friends. It is always awkward when you need to demote a friend because of abuse or something. And trust me, I have had to do it before. It sucks.

And thats it! Your staff member is prepared and ready to learn! Make sure you answer any questions on anything they ask, because they will be representing not only the server, but your decision. So you want them at the top of their game! Encourage friendly, nice, and warm behaviours between staff members. Its always awkward when two staff members get into a huge fight.

I hope this helped you! ~ZombehPig2

If you have more questions please PM me or email me at:
I will probably respond that day or the next.
Want extraneous help?
I will GLADLY help anyone with anything they need for their server. There is just a couple things I require:
1) Be smarter then a creeper.
2) Have a server with the plugin you want help already installed
3) If you need help with installing plugins, ignore #2
4) Do not expect me to make your server. The only servers I make are mine and ones for my close friend/co-worker. I will teach you how to do whatever, and probably give a example, but 90% of the work is all you.
6) Im open for tips! If you think my teaching methods are not the best, please tell me! I will do anything in my power to fix it!
CreditMedeival Heroes (server), for letting me work my way into the position of Co-Owner and have the privledge of choose all of their moderator to-be's!

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Just getting my blog out there :) : by CGBrothers 10/02/2012 9:01:24 pmOct 2nd, 2012

Hey guys, spread this blog around if you like it. I tryed hard to help out people who need help with staff.

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02/07/2013 7:53 pm
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i need help with my server :(
02/07/2013 9:27 pm
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Feel free to post any questions here, PM me, or email me with any type of help you need: pschunk2nd@outlook.com
I will not make your server for you, but I will teach you how to operate whatever you need. Or just simply show what is wrong if thats all you need :P
02/06/2013 11:58 pm
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Major update:
Changed names
Added more details.
Its funny the experience anyone can gain in 4 months. Im glad I re-read this through.
antvenom is best
11/18/2012 5:19 am
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diamond for u

nice blog
11/18/2012 11:35 am
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10/03/2012 12:19 am
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Keep up the good work ZombehPig2 also this is now on the new app format! :) hope you look forward to seeing it
10/03/2012 7:48 am
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Lol, thanks. Hope Scutes has better luck in finding good staff.
10/02/2012 7:12 am
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People who understand the fine arts of who are worthy of being staff.
10/02/2012 7:44 am
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Haha yeah really. Very few do, sadly.
10/01/2012 11:15 pm
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nice blog have a diamond