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How to convert any texture pack to support RTX

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Krova avatar Krova
Level 41 : Master Pixel Painter
Please use these instructions for your own game. This is for bedrock, and RTX-capable PCs.

We will be merging a non-RTX pack and an RTX pack to function together.

Required tools:

- GIMP image editing software
- BIMP plugin
- Alpha channel remover plugin
- 7zip or other software to unzip .mcpack files

Also required:
- a .mcpack file of the textures you would like to use. Marketplace textures will not work as they are encrypted.
- a .mcpack file of an RTX resource pack of your choice (I recommend Kelly's Vanilla RTX)


0) Install all required software. (for alpha channel remover plugin, please read "how to install" section in the link provided. You just paste one file into the GIMP plugins folder)

1) Extract both .mcpack files, each to their own folders. (right click the mcpack > 7zip > Extract to "foldername\")

2a) Now we will convert the base textures into normal maps. These create the "3D" depth effect on texture surfaces.
Open GIMP, go to File > Batch Image Manipulation.
Click Add, then Color Correction.
Check the boxes for "Convert to greyscale" and "Automatic color levels correction". Press OK.
Under "output folder", click your username. This lets you choose where the files will go after being processed. Choose an empty folder dedicated to this purpose.
Click Add images > Add Folders. Navigate to where you extracted your .mcpack of the textures you would like to use. Inside, select the folder "blocks" inside the "textures" folder. (So it would be YourPack/textures/blocks/).
Now click Apply and wait for processing to finish.

2b) In GIMP, on the top bar, go to Layer > Transparency > Batch Remove Alpha. (If you don't see this option in that menu, then you have not put the plugin file .py in the correct directory)
In the File Extension field, enter: *.png (you can also run this on .tga files)
Source Directory > Other > Select the folder you used for the output in step 2a
Press OK, and wait for processing to finish.

3) Go to the output folder, which should now be full of a black-and-white copy of each texture file. In this folder, create a batch file containing this:

SET "Src=%cd%"
SET "Str=_normal"
for %%a in ("%Src%\*.png") do ren "%%~a" "%%~Na%Str%%%~Xa"
To create a batch file, make a .txt file and paste the above into it. Save it as rename_normal.bat. You must change the file extension from .txt to .bat or the file will not work.
Now double-click this file to rename all of the textures to their appropriate names. It will add "_normal" to the end of each file name. ONLY RUN THIS ONCE. Running it twice will change the names to "texture_normal_normal" which is incorrect.

If you want to use this to rename .tga files, just replace .png with .tga in the .bat file.

4) Copy all of the normal map files you've just created, and paste them into the RTX resource pack folder that you extracted earlier. So you would paste them in the Kellys_RTX/textures/blocks/ folder, for example. Overwrite all files when prompted.

5) Now, copy everything except the "gui" folder from the textures folder in your pack (the one you extracted earlier, that you wish to convert), and paste it in the textures folder of the RTX pack folder.

So you take everything in "YourPack/textures/" except the gui folder, and paste it in "Kellys_RTX/textures/".

6) In the RTX pack folder, edit manifest.json in a text editor. (Kellys_RTX/manifest.json)
Change the name and description fields to something of your choosing. "YourPack RTX conversion", for example.
There should be two fields in this file called "uuid", followed by a string of scrambled letters and numbers. Go to this site https://www.uuidgenerator.net/version1 and get a two new uuid, and replace these new uuid into those two fields. (Just copy and paste the uuid, refresh the page to generate a new one.)

6b optional) replace pack_icon.png in your new pack to a new image of your choice.

7) Now you can rename this new texture pack folder into something of your choice. (Change from Kellys_RTX to YourPack_RTX).
Select all files and folders inside the pack (textures, manifest, pack_icon, etc.), right click > 7zip > Add to YourPack_RTX.zip
Once it is complete, rename YourPack_RTX.zip to YourPack_RTX.mcpack. Change the file extension to mcpack rather than zip.

This will allow you to simply double-click the pack to install it to minecraft.

At this point, your pack can be used, but you may find some visual errors in game, such as purple "missing" textures, or light sources which are misaligned.

Purple textures are easy to fix:

Identify the texture which is not working.
Take the texture_normal.png file from the original Kellys_RTX pack (extract Kelly's .mcpack again to a new folder if you need to), and paste + overwrite the texture_normal.png in your pack.
This results in a less accurate normal map, but it is better than having a broken purple texture.
Also: sometimes if there is both a .png and a .tga file of the same texture, deleting the .tga file (thereby making the game use the .png instead) can also fix a purple texture.

Misaligned lights or misaligned reflections can unfortunately only be fixed by hand. The misalignment is because the texture from your pack of choice is different from the textures in Kellys_RTX (or other RTX pack that you used). For example, your texture pack might have a different furnace "face" than vanilla, and therefore would shine light in a different way.

The solution is to make a new "mer" file for your texture of choice.

In short:

Open the problem texture .png file in GIMP (or an image editor of your choice is fine for this step)

Create a new layer on top.

Paint on this new layer. Paint a pure dark blue color for areas that don't shine light, and a deep or medium green color for areas which do shine light.

Adding redness to the file will create metallic reflections in that area.
(You can see examples of this in the _mer.png files of Kelly's RTX pack or other RTX pack of your choice.)

Once you're done, use File > Export As to save a copy, and name it texture_mer.png according to the texture you used. Just add _mer to the file name.

Now put the texture in the YourPack_RTX/textures/blocks folder, and create your zip > mcpack file again.

I recommend deleting the old version of the pack from Minecraft before double-clicking the new mcpack to install your updated version.

CREATE A NEW WORLD WITH THE NEW PACK TO SEE THE EFFECTS. It seems minecraft saves the old pack with the world file itself and won't recognize the new changes until a new world is created. I believe you can fix this on existing worlds, but I found it simpler to just test the pack on a new world each time until it is complete.

I hope this helps those who wish to use their favorite textures with RTX enabled.

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10/21/2021 8:02 am
Level 41 : Master Pixel Painter
Krova avatar
Extra note: You can use this GIMP method to create normal maps of java textures, since the .png files are the same, but you'll have to manually place the textures into the correct file structure for a .mcpack.
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