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How to convert Bedrock/MCPE maps into Java maps. [Really easy]

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Ok so you made a few Minecraft bedrock maps and you want to get more people to download it.
Well there is an easy way to convert worlds from java to bedrock and the other way around. You just have to download MCC Tool Chest PE and make sure to get bedrock version as its the one we need.
Make sure you have a .zip or .mcworld of your bedrock world.

After all that go into the program click file in the top left corner click open file or mcworld and open your file.
After your file is all open go into the top middle and click tools then convert to java. The default settings are fine but if you are looking for something specific i recommend you look into it on your own.
Take the java world file and put it in your world folder.
That is all thanks for reading.

That is all i have to say right now. it would have been easier to show you with pictures but i cant upload files directly from my pc to planet mc and in really didnt want to upload my screenshots on the internet just to get the url to put in here.
CreditMCC Tool Chest PE

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