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HOW TO COPY ITEMS IN MINECRAFT!!!!! even in survival mode


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Level 23 : Expert Engineer
i found how to copy items when i was in my underwater house/cave when a creeper blew up the wall. i was about to make a clock when the water came in and i went through the portal and this happened!!!!

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This is patched and this was on the hack forums like 2 weeks ago
1, its not patched i just did it RIGHT BEFORE THE POST with was about a minute ago and 2. i dident know it was on the forum you mentioned
The hack forums and alot of youtube vids on this so you had to atleast know about it and it is patched i have tried
dude i can do it real time for you on Skype, i can do it right now and i have the updated minecraft... sorry but your wrong.. and cool but i heard of something about how the portal is used in many glitches
i see you would understand
I want to see you do it still
ummm the VIDEO I POSTED duhh and that was made today soo you tell me... hmmm?
  • Nintenbro1
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • January 9, 2012, 5:18 pm
It's cut off on the bottom, so I couldn't see how many diamonds you had
ohh sorry that is with screanr and it only shows 1 but you can drop/throw as many as you want.... thats the glitch

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