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How to Create a Free Server for Minecraft PC Edition.

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Hi, Guys!
This is my first blog, Hope It can help you as much as possible.
Sometime, if you success create and set up all settings for your minecraft server. Out of the Blue, something might happen to you.
Minecraft server MOST COMMON ERROR:
-Invaild Session
-Java.io (blablablabla)
-Timed Out/ Invaild Ip Address
So, these errors make you hard to set up a fully complete and hard to make as 'no any errors appear when joining.'
It's time to have an upgrade! No need worried about Set up failed or others error!!!!!
Time to Defeat them!~ <Ta-Da> ~ ~ ~ URL: https://aternos.org/en/
o, You know that link right, And also, I will teach you how to set up. <Double Offer>
1. First, enter that website and click "Play" <--- (You can Find "Play" at the upper-right corner or scroll down)
2. fill In the blank if you want to create an account or log in.
3. So, You will see this, Is the server menu.
4. Click Software Section
5. Here is, You can set up your server with Spigot, Bukkit or PE (these settings may change by yourself)
~ Click That Option Section
a. If Your are PLAYING CRACKED MINECRAFT LAUNCHER , toggle 'Cracked'
b. If You want to adjust the maximum player amount, At Slots which is at Option section, change the amount that you do like and click save Logo
c. If You want let the players enable to fly, toggle 'Fly" at Option section
d. If you want Op someone, Add that player's name that you do like to Op he/she at 'Players' section <You can also whitelist someone at 'Player' section too.
That's all. Hope this tutorial will helped you a lot.
here some useful links to let you create server!!!
Link 1. : https://serverminer.com/
ink 2: https://server.pro/

Link 1: paid to works
Link 2: Free Trial / paid

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