How to create a Modern House


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Hi guys and welcome to another tutorial. Today I am going to give a brief tutorial on making a modern house. So lets take a look at the first step. Don't forget to watch the in-depth tutorial above!!


Modern houses are a bit like modern art. It is weird. So what I recommend you do first is watch tonnes of videos on modern houses remembering to take in everything that looks even slightly scluptury.


The most important thing about a modern house is the placement of everything. Before you start building think of the rooms that are going to be in your design. Next you want to think of were you will put stairs if you are going to have any. Rooms in a modern house are stuff like a living room, kitchen, tv area, bedroom, pool, library ect.


The most important part of your design is the outside look. Try to add tonnes of looped windows and glass. Depth is the key so its a good idea to have lots popping out. Make sure to use at the max seven different materials otherwise it will look like a childo s drawing and not your minecraft masterpiece.

Final note

Dono t forget to look at the video above with includes a full length tutorial on how to make a modern house. Note: this blog will probably be updated so keep an eye out! Diamond and subscribe! Don't forget to check out the world save at the town project:modern


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