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How to create a Pixelmon Adventure Server

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avatar Jean-Marc
Level 8 : Apprentice Pokemon

A quite lengthy tutorial on how to make a Pixelmon Adventure Server. A lot of what's in there is going to be stuff that can apply to just about any adventure maps, but a lot of what I want to mention in it. I've met a few other people creating their own adventure servers and a lot of us made very similar mistakes, and I've wanted to help people not repeat those mistakes with this. It will be updated at a semi-frequent pace, and not all at once, as it will be too long to type in one sitting.

For a quick intro, here's a bit about me:

I'm Jean-Marc, I'm a 23 year old Computer Science student who's graduating very soon. I have been involved in the pixelmon adventure map community since 2014 (as a moderator for Pixelmon Iron and Coal back then), and have worked on two servers since, once that's been abandoned/is on indefinite hiatus, and one currently in progress (that I have posted in here, if you're curious). I've been the server owner/project leader on both maps, and learned a lot from both. I'm also the owner of the Pixelmon Adventure Server Owner Group (or PASOG) to for pixelmon adventure map and server creators to join and get/give tips to eachother. If you're interested, you can join here: https://discord.gg/7cYthGs . I've also taken a few game design courses, and earned some experience through that. Now, that's enough for my introduction, and welcome to my tutorial.


Part 1: Preparation

Please note, that for the entirety of the tutorial, I am assuming that you're using pixelmon and custom npcs. You may be using more or less, but it's what that I'll assume that you're using if you're making an adventure map, although custom npcs can technically be replaced by other things.

So, you've decided that you're creating a pixelmon adventure server. That's cool and all, but before even getting into it, do you even know what you're going to need for it? How much do you have experience with building? With using custom npcs? Or even making maps?

If you haven't before, you should probably experiment a bit with everything that you're planning on using. You're probably going to want to create something big, something impressive, and try doing a lot with your server when you're starting. Perhaps you're going to want to create a gym for each type, 1000s of npcs, a 20k x 20k map, filled to the brim with different and interactive npcs, all with different roles, but have you seen how much time that would take? If you haven't even started learning your mods, you definitely will not have an accurate estimate on how long it will take.

Once you've figured out a bit what you can and can't do, and at what pace, you're probably finally ready to start planning your map. The plan is the most crucial part of the development process: it's going to dictate every part of your development process, and choose what the direction of your map will go towards.

If you're reading this, I'm assuming that you're the one in charge of whatever map you're working on. With that, you have to make sure that you set your goals early on: priorities between builds, story, and gameplay, what you're planning with said gameplay, how big the map is going to be: how many gyms, how many cities, stuff like that. Your goal is to make sure that this stuff is clearly defined, and isn't deviated from too much. You should also create some sub-objectives that you should aim for. For example, aim to have progress to be aimed for up to each gym. Your progress goal is to make sure that each aspect, between trainers, npcs, builds, pokeloots, or anything else is done up to that point.

One of the things that you're probably going to have to do next is take note of what you're going to need for your server, what you can offer to your server, and what you're going to need help with. For example, you're probably going to need:
-Lore/Story writers
-Custom NPCs workers (probably the same people as lore writers)
-Server manager/plugin managers
-Pokeloot placers

You're probably going to have the talent to fill multiple roles at the beginning, unless you're a very big youtuber, because otherwise, even if you're looking for people to help you, you're probably not going to get a lot of help, and if you're going to be offered help, it's probably not going to be up to the standard that you'd be looking for. Talented people usually will only be willing to help if they think that they're efforts won't be wasted and/or the project is worth their time. To do that, you need to have something worth showing off, you need something that's going to convince people that you have solid progress. This is why you're going to have something, either builds, a very developed story, or some technical showcase that shows that your project is serious, otherwise it's not going to be taken seriously. This isn't to say that you won't be able to get people to help you, but make sure that you're going with a project that you're (mostly) going to tackle without extra help.

That's all for this time! See you guys next entry!

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