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How to create a stable Economy in minutes

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BaptizedByFire avatar BaptizedByFire
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a stable server economy using the BBF Economy Tool. This tool was created by myself and because it managed to meet all my needs I figured it would meet the needs of many others and I have decided to share it with everyone.

Using this tool you can set your economy in 10-15 minutes tops please enjoy and if you like it don’t forget to hit subscribe for future updates.

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BBF Economy Tool

The BBF Economy Tool is a tool I made using Excel (This is not a plugin). This tool allows server admins to easily create a stable server economy without spending hours calculating costs and looking up recipes.

How It works

In a nut shell this tool takes and calculates how much it would cost to create one (1) of each item.

To accomplish this the server admin inputs a few settings and sets the prices for “Base Items” (the items used in every recipe). While these settings are being filled in the tool automatically calculates the price of each item.


By far the best feature of this tool is its ability to export your prices to a working worth.yml file for Essentials and a working prices.properties file for ItemFrameShops.

Aside from those awesome features I have built in a huge list of other great features that will benefit your players. There are also quite a few features designed to benefit the admins.
Additional Features

  • Add Horse Armor and related items (optional)
  • Add Chainmail Armor (optional)
  • Choose how Dye's are Crafted (options below)
    • Craft some colors by mixing Dyes (Red dye + Yellow Dye = Orange Dye x2)
    • Dye Are Produced by flowers (usually cheaper)

  • Creates prices for Enchanted Books
  • Choose the cost of XP
    • Affects Bottle of Enchanting and Enchanted Book Prices

  • Calculate the cost of Fireworks
  • Set the Cost of Lava, Water, and Milk
    • Affects recipes that call for water, lava, and milk

  • Configure the cost of Ore Blocks

Convenience Features

  • Worry Free
    • Everything is password protected so you cant accidentally delete formulas
    • I am also more then happy to give the password to any user who requests it
      • Know the Password? Simply punch one of the keybindings to easily protect/unprotect all worksheets.
        • Protect = Ctrl+Shift+P
        • Unprotect =  Ctrl+U

  • Easily Increase/Decrease the decimal points
    • Want more then 2 decimal points (0.00) simply punch one of the following key bindings to change it on any worksheet
      • Increase = Ctrl+Shift+I
      • Decrease = Ctrl+Shift+D

  • Easily hide/unhide non configurable rows to quickly make "Base Item" price changes
  • Easily navigate to any page using the links provided on every worksheet
  • Easily hide/unhide recipe column
  • Optional Step By Step settings configurations
    • Helps you learn more about each setting and how it affects the prices
    • Dont want set up assistance?
      • Simply press "Cancel" when prompted.
      • If for some reason you need more info on a setting simply click the convenient button next to it and a window will explain what it does.

I have also added a file that lists every item into its correct "Creative Tab" location. This makes making shops super easy if you base your shops on the creative tabs.

If you base your shops off different item features or uses i am more then willing to make you your own quick and easy to use item listing.

Requirements/How to Use


The only thing you need to make this work is Microsoft Excel.

This tool was made using Excel 2013 if you use an older version I cannot guarantee all features will work as intended.

I have not tested this tool on OpenOffice, LibreOffice or any other Excel look alike therefore I cannot guarantee how it may work if you use one of these programs.

[size=5%]How To Use[/size]
To use this tool simply follow to instructions below


  1. Download the current version HERE

  2. Open and read the "Read me - Change Log file
  3. Open the "Settings" File
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to configure your settings
  5. Click on the "Next Step" button or open the "All Items" file
  6. Fill in the "Green" cells with the price of each "Base Item"
  7. Click the button at the top of the page to expand all non configurable rows and view your prices

[size=4%]Conversion Instructions [/size]
After all your prices are made you can convert these prices to either a

  • worth.yml file for Essentials
  • prices.properties file for ItemFrameShop

To do this follow these steps.

  1. Click the "Conver to File" button in the "All Items" file
  2. Follow the on screen instructions
  3. Once the conversions are done the file will save the same location as the tool's files

The Essentials worth.yml conversion only converts the single "Sell" prices. This is because using Essentials players can type /worth and check how much they will get for selling an item and /sell to sell items and get paid for them. Essentials does not allow for buying items thru commands.

The ItemFrameShops price.properties file can export either buy or sell prices. ItemFrameShops allows admins to select whether their server shops buy's or sell's items. Depending on how you use the plugin you ca select which values you wish to export.

Not all Items are added to the exported files. If an item has a price of 0.00 it is skipped by the conversion tool and not added to the files. Also if you selected "False" in your settings file for items like horse armor they will not show up either, however If you selected "True" those items will be exported.

[size=6%]PlPlanned Features[/size]

I will add almost any suggested feature you wish me to add but below are a few of the things i will be adding

  • Colored Leather Armor Calculator (Currently working on)
  • More To come

Issues/Bug Tracker

As of 2.3.2 all issues seem to be corrected. If you notice a problem or experience a problem please PM me or E-mail me at [EMAIL]chaser@clanbbf.com[/EMAIL]

[size=4%]Common Issues/Problems[/size]
Often Times some problems do occur and
i am going to attempt to walk you thru some resolutions to these problems.

Features not working

Often times you may notice some features such as Buttons, Key Bindings, or the conversion tool are not working. This may possibly be caused because you failed to enable macros.

Macros are in short commands to run specific tasks and if you fail to enable these macros those tasks cannon and will not work as intended.

Their are two ways to enable macros the first of which is the easiest.

  1. When you first open a file you might see this
    How to create a stable Economy in minutes
    By clicking the "Enable Content" you are allowing macros to run.
  2. If you already have your setting in place it may be easier to enable them this way
    1. Click "File" in the upper left hand corner
    2. Click "Options"
    3. Go to "Trust Center"
    4. Go to "Trust Center Settings"
    5. Go to "Macro Settings"
    6. Check "Enable all Macros"
    7. Click "OK"

Links arent Updating

Links are how cells of data are calculated and because some links point to other worksheets and you may not save these worksheets to the same location i had them set up to you may experience some link issues.

This might seem like a really big deal however it is very easy to fix.

If you open a workbook and get this message

How to create a stable Economy in minutes

dont be scared simply follow these steps.

  1. Click "Cancel"
  2. Press Ctrl+U
  3. Insert "102810" into the field (Without the "")
  4. Click "OK"
  5. Go to and click the "DATA" tab at the top of Excel
  6. Find the "Edit Links" button and click it
  7. You should now see this
    How to create a stable Economy in minutes
    as you can see the Settings.xlsm source could not be found
  8. Click on the link that could not be found (take not of the name)
  9. Click "Change Source"
  10. Navigate to your "Economy Tool Folder"
  11. Click the file matching that of the one not found
  12. Click "OK"
  13. Once Finished close the "Edit Links" box
  14. Press Ctrl+Shift+P and enter "102810" (Without the "")

[size=6%]Why I made This Tool/About Meut Me[/size]

Why i made this

I made this tool to simplify the pricing on my own servers (upwards to 10 of them). I was tired of doing all the math myself and then losing the paper and having to remember recipes.

I looked for a very long time trying to find a tool like mine and never found one I liked or that would fit my needs until one day I found a tool that looked great until I noticed it was versions behind the newest minecraft and was missing loads of items, so I decided to make my own much like the one I liked and was outdated.

After hours and hours of starting fresh cross referencing tons of websites for the correct information I made my tool. The end result was way better than I ever expected and because of that I told myself I couldn’t keep it to myself and I knew if I was looking for it others had to be as well so I uploaded it.

About Me

I am in my middle twenties and I have played online games with my current clan (clanbbf.com) for a number of years now. I have worked my way up the ranks within BBF and am now one of the leading officers and I manage most of our website.

I also own 10 Minecraft servers, I have a full time job, 2 Dogs, 5 Cats, a 3 year old son, a fiancée, and I help with my fiancée’s business. I am a very busy person but will try my hardest to keep this tool running smoothly.

If you want to learn more or just have questions message me or E-mail me at [EMAIL]Chaser@clanbbf.com[/EMAIL]

2 Update Logs

Formula Update V3.1.0 : by BaptizedByFire 08/05/2015 8:21:20 pmAug 5th, 2015

Many Formulas have been adjusted (see change log).

Many of the formulas were either using the wrong item for pricing or
weren't accounting for the correct amount of items crafted per recipe.

For example

The recipe for Tripwire produces two pieces of wire not one

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01/11/2016 12:02 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
I am working on a new 1.9 version. I am completley rewritting the tool and working to condense it to one file instead of multiple linked together.

Many features may no longer work however if you have a specific feature you wish to add please let me know.
11/29/2014 8:38 am
Level 75 : Legendary Ninja
Pandasaurus_R avatar
This is quite conveniant. Too bad I already fully coded my personal economy database in Excel xD
11/03/2014 9:35 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
I just wanted to announce that I do intend to continue this project when the community finds a bukkit alternative.

If you use an economy plugin that is not currently supported or would like me to make some changes to how this tool works please let me know an I will do whatever I can to help.
10/09/2014 6:18 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
DefiantPie avatar
This is awesome :D Thanks for this!
10/10/2014 7:32 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
Thanks. I do have a 1.8 version pretty much ready but wont release it until we see what happens with the API's
09/04/2014 11:43 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
If anyone would like to test the newest version feel free to PM me and i will send you a link. I am still a day or so out from finishing however i would appreciate if i can get a few people to help test.
08/31/2014 11:55 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
I am cuyrrentley working on a ner version that will include all 1.8 items

cxcafdaI am currently working on a new version that will include all 1.8 itemsI am currently working on a new version that will include all 1.8 items
08/20/2014 5:41 am
Level 33 : Artisan Dragon
The_Big_Dish avatar
just a fyi you have a spelling error in the title (minutes), other than that this is great and needs more attention!
08/20/2014 5:41 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
BaptizedByFire avatar
Woops thanks for letting me know.
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