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How to Create a Successful Association-Tips and More!

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Unknown--_zpsdapngI'm Back!!

Yes, it's been two months but I have returned to PMC to upload my regular stuff, however you may or may not have seen my popping up around the forums. Anyway, I am back to bring you more PC goodness but this time I am focusing on blogs! Yes, you heard me, so be sure to stay tuned! And thanks to the 250+ subs everyone!

Associations- An Introduction
An association, what is it? Well, according to the dictionary;

An organised body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society.

In other words, a group of people who have the same interest. What interest? Minecraft!
But if we get more specific, we are talking about the different parts of minecraft, then we are going into things like a skinners association, a restone association, a pixel art association, ect, ect. You get the idea. Anyway, as you might know, I am the leader of the Pixel Association, a quite well known one if I may say. We have been going for only about a month and yet we have 70+ members including key people to PMC like Jyles and Duke_Frans. Anyway, my point is that I'd like to give a few tips and hints to creating an association, and what its really all about. Why? Well, read on to find out.

Why this blog exists

Well, the other day while scrolling through the Recruitment and Teamwork section of the PMC forums, I found a majority of the topics had very little views and little or no comments. So, out of curiosity I clicked on them. I will now show you two examples (note that these are made up based off what I have seen, and not actual examples) and explain why one was more successful than the other.

building team
i want to start a builidng team so give me ur ign and skype and i will ad u.

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Building Team-The Block Dimension- Recruiting!
Hi there!
I'd like to start a casual building team for minecraft, we don't have many requirements so we encourage all to join! Simply give your IGN and Skype (If you have it) and we'll be sure to add you to the team.


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Do you see what I mean? The first one was rushed like he wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Obviously the second was better, but sadly I have seen a lot of the first. Way too much of the first. This blog hopes to achieve that, with a few nice and simple tips, your association will be booming in no time!

1- Get known on PMC
This isn't that hard to achieve. It doesn't mean producing good work just so you can go up in levels, hence be well known. It can simply mean being active in the community, leaving feedback, starting discussions, voting on polls, and just generally being nice! This will help you when you come to make your organisation as people will be more likely to join you!

2- Know what you want/Be specific
By saying this, I mean fully understand what your association will do. Be clear when saying what your organisation will do, what specifications you want, who you will accept, and be final once you have said it. Remember, you are the boss! It's in your hands what you choose to do.

3- Be honest
Don't lie. If you want to start a group restone build but are not very good at redstone, then don't pretend you are. If you want to make a lets play but are only 11 years old, then don't pretend you are 16. It makes it easier for everyone to handle and less awkward when the time comes to prove it. However, as bad as this sounds it does have its drawbacks. Less people may join you because of that, or something along those lines. Well, the solution is simple. Tell them, or find something else that's in your experience field or that you can work with.

4- Presentation
A massive part in this. You want your forum post or blog for which you are advertising your association to look nice a presentable, so it shows people you are a good association to join. Make sure you correct all spelling and grammar for maximum results. Use capital letters for your I's and don't shorten ur words so u talk leik this. Make it look visually attractive by adding fonts, colours, images, size, and all other factors that help. Take your time, believe me it will be worth it.

5-Be unique.
You'll want your association to stand out from the crowd, rather than being swamped by the other 1000 'builders teams' that there already are. I will show you why my association became so successful in the first place.
See these pixel art characters? They were and still are incorporated into my association, however no-one has seen these, have they? It was different, so therefore something new is something people like.

You see if you have something that makes you special from the rest it makes you unique?

6- Get a proper title.
YES! Please do not give me any more 'redstone team' or 'lets play group' titles. They almost choke me with unoriginality. The one thing people people look out for when looking through blogs or scrolling through the forums is a title that stands out. 'The Circuits-Restone team' or 'The last block-Collaborative Lets Play' is a much better title. And make sure you come up with an original name. Naming something with 'Association' or 'Organisation' normally sounds more proper and official than 'Team'.

No association will ever be successful without this. Taking care of an association can unexpectedly be a huge amount of work, and remember, everyone will be relying on you. Organising, keeping things up-to-date and staying on top of all that can be so much effort, and it doesn't get any easier. Often it's quite helpful to get a second in charge to help out, which takes that tremendous weight off your shoulders, but remember, only get someone you trust and know will be good for the job!

Well there you go. Associations can be amazing communities and fun and awesome times if you follow these few simple rules. If you have anything to save please remember to comment and pass the word out to anyone you think might need a little help with their association. I'll be sure to make many more blogs in the future, thankyou very much!
CreditThanks to 3D for the original PMC Background! Give him a sub!

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11/25/2013 8:26 am
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This was so helpful, a friend and I are setting up a small team for gaming, and I'm SO glad that I stumbled upon this. Thanks a lot! :)
04/22/2013 9:35 pm
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I have made a Creative Writers Club here, if you are interested, look on this blog: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/pmccwc---planetminecraft-creative-writers-club/
04/12/2013 9:59 pm
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collinman60 avatar
How did you make those minecraft guys look so, cool?
09/26/2013 8:23 pm
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MrFang avatar
shaders and multiple photoshop layer changes/filters
03/23/2013 3:29 am
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03/23/2013 8:19 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
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08/19/2013 2:39 pm
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03/22/2013 7:28 pm
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completley of topic but do you know where the skin pril uses is im looking for and it ill sub you
03/22/2013 8:13 pm
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You can use Nova Skin editor to make 3D models of your skin.
And please don't sub me unless you like my work.
03/22/2013 11:41 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Creeper
ultraelf avatar
No I do like your work I was just wondering If you knew what it was called
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