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How to create circles and domes in Minecraft

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Hello guys, this is my first tutorial so I hope you find it helpful.

Circles and domes are pretty hard to make in Minecraft, so in this tutorial I will be showing you how to make them a few different ways.

Using Paint: Open paint and zoom in as far as you can. Using the ruler on the sides of the page draw out a square of how big you want your circle to be.(with this method one pixel will represent one minecraft block) Now using a different colour select the circle from the shapes tab and make each top, bottom, left and right of the circle over lap the edge of the square. Now just copy it into Minecraft!

Using Voxel sphere: Load this website:http://neil.fraser.name/news/2006/11/17/. Set each X,Y,Z to 1. Now choose your radius.(the radius of a circle is how many blocks,cm,mm etc. from the edge of the circle to the centre.) Then press compute. It will generate all the layers for a full circle, if you just want a dome just copy half starting from the biggest circle.

I hope this helped you, if you did not understand this watch Monkeyfarm explain it in a video. I also recommend subscribing, he has alot of clever contraption tutorials and an interesting Lets play. Until next time Bye!
Monkeyfarm explaining Voxel sphere tool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2YGw3dhnj8&list=PL00EA157BA8CECBDB&index=14&feature=plpp_video

Diamond, Favourite and Subscribe. :D

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