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How to create your own skin in Minecraft

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Are you a fan of an old-school pixel game? Good if you are, but you can’t deny that all those characters do look the same. And it’s so boring! But don’t worry, you’re already reading this article. Here we will teach you how to make your own Minecraft character.

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But let’s get back to how to make a Minecraft skin.

So, first of all, be sure to have a licensed game, as it is the only way to change your game hero. Then find the Minecraft skins editor.

There is a wide range of online editors on the Internet, so choose which one you like the most. Here are some of the easiest options you can try out in the first place.

Go to your profile page and download the base from the preferences. Open Paint on your PC and edit your character. Then, download the edited version back on the same page. And that’s it! You have your own upgraded hero! Most players use Scincraft editor to create Minecraft skin. It is easy to use, has a lot of features and clear instructions.

Let’s have a closer look at how to use the editor.

Go to the menu bar. If you want to create an absolutely new style, press ‘new skin.’ First, choose the color, then press ‘go.’ Now you can see two options for making layers: pre-made and custom. ‘Pre-made’ means that you can choose previously-made pieces and pixels by other users. Choosing ‘custom’ presupposes that you will create your own layers pixel by pixel. Each body and face part can be changed separately. Each variant that you choose can have different colors.

Once you are ready with editing, let’s import our picture. Here, you can see three formats available for downloading: PNG, TXT and Share. To successfully download your character to your profile, save it as PNG file. Be aware that if you open the picture on your PC, instead of the Minecraft account, it might look pretty strange. But that’s okay, it’s just how it should be.

If you don’t want to spend too much time on editing or creating your own character, check out Minecraft Skins Forum. There you will find tons of great options to choose from. Different people from all over the world draw and download impressive skins every day, and you are welcome to use them too. Just download it to your profile and save. I’m sure all your friends will be really jealous!

So, as you can see, Minecraft making skin is an easy and fascinating task to perform. Or simply download a ready-made one. Just follow the instruction above and create your ideal character.

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