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How to defeat the Wither boss

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Level 24 : Expert Warrior
So to defeat the wither, you have to create it. First, you must go to the nether. Then, find some wither skeletons and kill alot of them, youll need 3 wither skulls. Then youll need some soul sand. So get out a shovel and shovel up 4 soul sandsl. Be careful,
soul sand slows you down. Then in a safe area place the soul sand in a T shape. (stack 2 of the soul sand up, then one on the left, then one on the right.) Before you put the wither skulls down, get your best gear. enchanted armor, enchanted swords, potions of regenoration (or potions of healing, whichever one you want.), a horse with enchanted horse armor, a enchanted bow with enchanted arrows, a good shovel or pickaxe (you might get stuck in some areas, so i recommend it.), golden apples, (the kind that use gold blocks.), milk and lots of food. now place down the 3 wither skulls. You can try to put the wither in a redstone trap while its spawning, but this is hard to do and very dangerous. Now, get on your horse, run a distance from the wither and start 
shooting it with arrows. it might not go after you, because it likes to kill other stuff aswell. Eventually itll start to attack you, so start running on your horse, and every now and then, turn around to take a shot at the wither. When its health starts to lower, use your sword. if the wither infects you with wither effect, use milk or a golden apple. When you kill it, it will drop the wither star. then you can use it to make a beacon.

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