How to do ways: Exp farming

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avatar slayerviper914
Level 21 : Expert Robot
Hello Slayers! I am Slayerviper914, today i am gonna show you ways to get exp fast

Legend: SM:Site moderator EXP:Experience Points TDL:The Darkest layer 2DL:2nd Darkest layer
NRL:Natural HGL:Highlight

1.Original skins, you just have to make your own skin, by thinking out of the box. The SM will not ban it, giving it exp and a way to level up fast

2.Original made Teen skin, we all know we hate teen skins because people would likely steal a skin, the recolour it to give humongous exp. Then an SM will ban it and back to level 1 and in jail for 1 week! Original made leaves
SMs the skin alone.

3.Shading, lots of people are lazy making a straight color like me in the past. You shall get a KefKa template or Shade your own, dont worry it only takes 10 - 60 minutes.

To shade, you must get at least 4 colors, TDL,2DL,NTR,HGL
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