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How to Download and Use Maps and resource packs!

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If you're new in Planetminecraft, and new to Custom Maps and Resource packs.

This is a Tutorial on what, and how to download and use resource packs.


There are a LOT of Custom Maps in Planetminecraft. Just search ANYTHING and at least ONE will appear!

Custom maps are basically Your World Shared in the net.


1. First, find what map do you want. A Castle or a Game whatever you want!

2. Click the big Download Button 

3. There are some maps that are connected to Adf.ly or other ad sites, Just Wait 5 secs and click Skip
4. Start Downloading.
5. *Warning!* make sure it is a .zip file!


1. Open the .zip file
2. Check the folder inside and search and if it contains a certain "level.dat" go back to the start
2.5. If the start already contains the "level.dat" and some other folders Skip Step 3
3. Extract that  folder inside your Saves folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/saves)
4. Following Step 2.5: Extract all folders and other stuff into a Custom made Folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/*folder_name_here*)
4.5. You can also make a Folder inside your Saves and extract it there
5. Now Open Minecraft.

The new World should be there following the name of the Folder or something else

                                                                    Resource Packs
            Now If you're tired and bored of the same texture of minecraft OVER and OVER again
You can get a Resource pack or Texture pack (in 1.6 version or lower) to change the textures of some entities (Villagers, Zombies, etc.) and even change the Sounds!


1. Follow the download instructions on the Maps Section


1. Open the .zip file
2. If it contains a folder go back
2.5 If it contains folders skip step 3
3. Extract that folder into your resourcepacks folder or texturepacks folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks)
4. Following step 2.5: Extract all items inside a Folder inside the resourcepacks folder or texturepacks folder
5. Open Minecraft

Now Once opened, Open a World. go to Options and choose Resource pack. Choose a pack and click OK
The Textures etc. are should now be changed

Fun Fact:
Some Maps ACTUALLY have a Resource pack on their own!
this is easily recognized when you open the world folder and then search for a "resources" folder
OR when you simply open the world!


                                Having Issues? Check if the solution to your Problem/Question is in here!
if not Comment on the Comments section below

Q: Where is the texturepacks folder?
A: %appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks

Q: I put my resource pack inside the texturepacks folder, it doesn't appear on the Resourcepacks screen!
A: Only use the texturepacks folder if you're playing in version 1.6 or below! use the resourcepacks folder!

Q: Where is the resourcepacks folder?
A: %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks

Q: Can I activate multiple Resource packs?
A: Yes. However the game prioritizes the Textures on the topmost resourcepack

Q: How do I change my Player's Texture using Resource packs?

A: You can't, use Skins instead.

Q: How can I put the Original textures on the left tab?
A: You can't, It acts as a backup in case the resource pack doesn't have a texture for that  block

Q: Where do I put my downloaded map?
A: in the saves folder

Q: Where is the saves folder?
A: %appdata%/.minecraft/saves

Q: I put it there but the map isn't what it's supposed to be!
A: Check your Version. maybe the map is supposed to be on 1.7 and you're playing on 1.5

Q: How do they get those cool Lighting and realistic Graphics?
A: it's a mod called Shaders. here's a Tutorial

Q: How do I share my Custom Map?
A: Turn your world save into a .zip file (not the saves folder!) then use Dropbox or Mediafire or others to share it

That's about it Here are some other stuff wanna mention

How to Use mods!
Resource or Texture packs!
A Random World I made! (A WHOLE NEW WORLD II)

Ok Links are over.

So School is actually making a huge change in my Planetminecraft since I think I've posted nothing over the past 2 months!
I've actually haven't played Minecraft for a while now, and I'm actually Finishing this new game I'd like to call: SpeedRunners (Previously: Runners v Hunters)

I've actually haven't done any work on my Gmod Murder map, Puzzle map, or COE!
so expect really slow progress, (anyways shoutout to Planetminecrafter: Death! why did you change the name of the game?)

I also have recognized my Puzzle map hasn't actually done anything with big Command block trickery like turning away or teleporting shtuff so I figured my the last 5 Puzzles of 1 player, 2 players and 4 players are command block trickery ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That's about it Thank you very much and
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