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How to Download Little Maids Mod (1.12.2 Tutorial)

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How to Download LMM (For 1.12.2)

Introduction -

Hello everyone! Since I have opened my Little Maids Mod Discord Server I have been getting tons of questions on how to download LMM by 2ch. Because of this I have decided to make a worded tutorial on how to download this mod in order to help some people out. Before I even made this tutorial I had to scour through many many forums deep within the internet to find anything. And it took me months to figure out how to download this mod without any help. This tutorial will make things easier for you all. I choose 1.12 specifically due to it being the latest update I could find. The links below that are listed still work (as of 2020). If any of them go down, please let me know. I recommend using google translate for certain links if possible.


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