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How to download mods w/ Forge.

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avatar FluffyflodaMC
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
How to install Mods w/ Forge.

Okay, So in order to at least GET forge, go to this link: files.minecraftforge.net/ . It contains all of the items in order to get forge. So, when you have it downloaded, Double click it. It should say '' Download Client, or download server'' Hit Download Client. Then, when it has finished installing, Open up your Minecraft. Hit create new profile, and hit ''Versions'' Then, scroll ALL the way down to the bottom untill it says ''1.6.2Forge'' and a bunch of numbers/letters. Click ''done'' and then X out of your minecraft. Then, go to %appdata% for Windows. After that, click on .minecraft and go to the folder ''mods''. Then drag and drop the FML mods you would like to put in there. Remember to be on that profile you made earlier. Otherwise, it wont work. slaojpg

HELP! My MC is crashing!

This can mean one or two things, 1. You overloaded your mods folder, to the point where your computer said, ''NU STOP IT''! Or B. One of the mods is causing the problem. If Problem B is happening, then just go scroll down, look at the problem, Because it SHOULD say what is causing it. Then, after you have figured out the issue, Go to %appdata% and go to the ''mods'' folder and drag the issue out. If Problem A is happening, Just get rid of some mods.

Well, this was Fluffyfloda's blog on how to download mods for FML. If you enjoyed, please Diamond/Favorite.

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Right. I have a bigger problem than a simple forge error, but it is caused by Forge. When I launch forge, the very small, java-using little bugger externally from the Minecraft game crashes it because it could not create the virtual machine. Magic launche does not fix this, it just crashes without an error message. Can I get some help with this? .-.
I honestly dont know... Try google, or just force update the game to get your MC back...

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