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How to fight pvp like a BOSS!

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avatar ericsong2002
Level 28 : Expert Cake
Hi people. Im going to tell you how to fight in pvp like a BOSS! Step one: If you have one, bringing armor and a sword will be great! Swords will do more damage then your fist (air). The armor will prevent some damage that usually hit you. Step two: Always try to hit with a critical. To hit a critical you need to jump-attack. That way it will do extra damage. Step three: If you get hurt or your in bad shape, left-click with your sword and it will block some damage. And also run around the arena/field so you can regen. So these are these the main steps for fighting like a boss. Diamond please:)

07/11/2012 9:17 am
Level 28 : Expert Cake
This is For the Contest:)
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