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Tips on how to find diamonds fast in Minecraft.

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Hey everyone, Arobain here with another blog about Minecraft. Today I will by typing about the easiest way to find diamonds on Minecraft. So lets hop into it....

Usually diamonds are a very rare thing to find in Minecraft, and they are and probably still will be after you read this blog, but after you read this blog you'll know:

where diamonds are usually found, how obtain to obtain them and what they are used for, and when you should start searching for them.

Diamonds are found about 40 blocks to bedrock level and below, There is a chance you'll find it above that but it is rare. Diamonds are also usually found near lava, or in mineshafts, you can also find them in chests, in mineshafts, nether fortresses, dungeons, the stronghold that holds the end portal, desert temples, and jungle temples. Diamonds will also never be in a pack of 7 or more, you will usually find them in 4 packs.

How: You will need an iron pickaxe to mine a diamond ore, anything under iron will break it but it will not give the diamond, you also must be in survival to mine it. Make sure you mine all around the diamond ores so if there is lava underneath it will not fall in and you can stop any casualties when you are trying to get the ore. diamonds are used for tools, weapons, crafting an enchanting table, and a beacon's power source.

When: I'd suggest not looking for diamonds till you have iron armor, a good weapon, tools and a water bucket for covering lava up, trying to find diamonds is basicly a suicide mission if you are new to the game, if you are experienced in Minecraft you should have no problem going without armor. Oh nearly forgot, make sure to bring food, it can take a while to find diamonds as well.

Hey guys ( and gals ), hope this blog helps EVERYONE who is new to Minecraft to find their first diamonds.

And speaking of diamonds, feel free to leave 1 for me IF this blog helped you, if it didn't help you please do leave a comment about a concern, suggestion, question, or compliment, I'll even accept criticism, but please don't hate, if you feel like your just doing it to be mean, then don't :).
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