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How To Find Diamonds Without Cheating!

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I Hope This Helps:

Step one: dig down. Way down. Specifically, within 16 blocks of the bottom of the map.

Diamond caches are randomly dispersed within 16 blocks of the bottom of the map. As long as your Y coordinate is less the 16 (press F3 to see the exact position), your likelihood of finding diamonds is the same as anywhere else. The Deeper You Go Isn't Better. 16 Is The BEST Area To Find Diamonds!

There are more diamonds towards the South West side, Due to a Bug!

Where diamonds are generated is random. Once you find diamonds, Move at least 16 blocks away and keep searching. It's rare to find two diamond catches next to each other. There's 1 diamond catch PER CHUNK.

The caves in minecraft are infinity. Rather then digging, Follow the cave systems for your advantage. You cover more area in less time that way.

If you can use TNT, USE IT! Make a straight tunnel and hope for a diamond catch! Put TNT about ever 5 blocks. If your lucky, You will find a diamond catch!

Good luck with finding diamonds! And Please Leave FeedBack!

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