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Dungeons in minecraft 1.10 + | AAMC #2


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Level 31 : Artisan Mage
How many of you know, it's possible to find dungeons in the minecraft world. They have nice loots, but often have built in traps or a enemy inside.

If you didn't know, AAMC stands for All around minecraft.

How to find them:
In the version 1.10 tipe in: /locate (cheating method)
You'll be listed all big dungeons. The tinier ones not. Next if you know which one, tipe: /locate [Name]
You'll be shown the coordinates of the nearest dungeon. Just tipe in: /tp @p [X-coordinate] 100 [z-coordinate]
x = 1st number
z = 2nd number
y is actually any number. It's the high. Because you don't know if there's a mountain, I would say 100 is a good number for that.
If you although stick in block, tp yourself again: /tp @p ~ ~[number of block you want to tp up] ~

The other method added in 1.10 is by looking for villager map sellers. (survival friendly method)
Some villagers will sell you amazing treasure maps, showing you on the map, the next dungeon.
List of dungeons:

Standard spawner dungeon:
Its a normal room, you can find in caves. Made of mossycobblestone, it seems a bit old. It contains 2 chests. Theres one enemy, a mobspawner, which simply can be break or used as a mobfarm.
possible loots:
- music discs
- saddles
- horse armors
- bread
- iron
- gold
- diamond
- redstone
- and all that random stuff ;)

Desert Temple:
A ancient agyptian like temple, used as gravenyard. Looking like just a temple with nothing inside, it has really powerful loot, with 4 chests and a simple trap. As simple as it is, you can find them in deserts.
When you build down to the actual "grave", where you can find the treasure, you'll find a trap. Here's how to deactivate it. In the middle of the temple just break the floor blocks, but don't fall down. When you jump down, try NOT to hit the pressure plate, if you do, 18 tnt will explode below you. If you don't hit it, you can loot the chests and break the tnt.
possible Loots:
same as in a standard dungeon

The Village is the probably most common "dungeon" in the world. Its a small Village, where you can find different houses and a lot of Villagers, who you can trade with. Most of them will try to trade with emeralds.
Traps + enemies:
Actually there are no traps, but in the night there will spawn a lot of zombies, attacking the villagers
There are some places, which are in the most villages. But it's also possible, that they're not build in the village.
First we have the blacksmith. Its a bigger house then the most other ones. It has no roof (just a flat cobble roof) and got some ovens with lava on the front site. Inside you'll find a chest with the standard loots, you already know.
Second we got a librarian, nothing special, just look for the house. You'll find some bookshelfs inside.
And the last thing are the carrots and potatoes you can find.

Water temple:
A big pyramide style blue prismarine temple on the ground of the sea.

enemies + traps:
Here you'll have to fight lots of guardians (fishes), which are damaging you with their attacks. Also your breaking speed will be slowed. You'll need to have good enchantments as water breating, aqua affinity and depth strider.

Inside the big temple you'll find a lot of gold (9 blocks). Thats the treasure

Doing more dungeons later, no time now ;)

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