How to find horses


How to find horses

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Level 23 : Expert Ninja
One thing I bet alot of people have been wondering is how do i find that new horse mob? Well it is actually harder than people think, to start they can only be found in the plains biome. Another hard thing about it is that not every one will spawn horses. What you have to do is search your world for awhile until you find a plains biome. When you do eventually find one you will need to camp there and wait to see if any spawn, If none spawn then it is back to searching. The good news is once you do find a plains biome they spawn in then it will be easier to find more. The reason for this is that horses will spawn in herds and if you find one horse in a plains biome then you will find more because if it can spawn one it can spawn more. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and keep on riding those horses.

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