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How to fix minecraft crashing while loading up

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So a common problem with minecraft java is after playing for a while your game will start to experience crashes when you load it up and eventually will always crash but I have found a solution to that and to stop everybody from having this problem ill share it with you guys

Method 1

Step one: download malware bytes for free here: https://www.malwarebytes.com
Step two: Run a virus scan
Step three: run minecraft

Method 2

Step one: type in the windows search bar "Defragment" and click on defragment and optimize devices
Step two: Next click your hard disk that has minecraft installed on to it and check how fragmented it is, if it says "OK" as a status you are fine
Step three: (This may take a few hours so you might want to try a different method) If it is fragmented and does not say "OK" press "Optimize" or whatever shows on screen
Step four: Run minecraft

Method 3

If all else fails you may need to restart your pc

Step one: Back up all of your important files on a secondary storage system eg. SSD or USB
Step two: Go to windows settings and type reset
Step three: wait for your pc to reset import your important files on your mine hard drive and re download minecraft
Step four: Run minecraft

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