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How to Fly off the Map in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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avatar JaydenCrow
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A few months ago I heard from a friend a glitch in Minecraft Pocket Edition that actually allows you to leave the map area and fly into nothingness! In this blog I will teach you how to perform this glitch in both survival and creative.

I will start out with creative, as this is the easiest way to do it. You simply fly up, past the maximum limit for placing blocks, and it allows you to walk off the map! If it doesn't work, just fly higher and try again, and repeat as necessary. If that doesn't seem to work either (which it should, as it has always worked for me) build a tower up as high as possible, and walk off the edge. Remember, that will only work if it's at the maximum limit for placing blocks.

To do this in survival, simply build a tower as high as you can go, up to the maximum limit for placing blocks, and it once again allows you to simply walk off the edge. I suggest you build a ladder up the side so you can get back down without killing yourself.

The wierdest part about the glitch is that once you go off the map, your character becomes invisible. If you go into third person, your are unable to see your character.

In survival, PvP to be specific, is where I find this glitch the most useful. Build a tower like explained above and you are able to spy on your enemies without being seen, then come down and ambush them when they aren't looking!

So I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to fly off the map in Minecraft Pocket Edition! Please comment, diamond, favorite and subscribe if you like it!

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