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How to get access to your .minecraft! (PC Only) (Easy, no more than 4 steps!)

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This is a pretty simple to how to get access to your Minecraft.Jar. This can be for newbies, but if you aren't new, that alright. :)
Start Menu at bottom left corner
Extra Info:
TexturePack folder is where you drag in the Texturepack you want, WinRAR, 7-Zip, or whatever archiving program you use. It has to be a archiving program, or a Java file, according to my knowledge.
Saves folder is where all of your maps are saved. Lol get it? xD. Anywho, a very good fact here, here is a example to make this easier on me to explain:
You made a world names EPIC WORLD. You renamed it to AWESOME WORLD. In your saves folder, It will save it as what you originally named it when you first created that world, so in saves it would be EPIC WORLD instead of AWESOME WORLD, if that makes any sense at all. xD.
Bin folder is where your Minecraft.jar is located at, to install your Mods. Don't know how to install a Mod? Thos account has a bunch of tutorials of all of this stuff! Daily uploads of things! Minecraft.jar CAN be named just plain "minecraft". :) Or "minecraft.jar" or "minecraft 1.3.2" if you wanna play on a different version of Minecraft.
Screenshots folder is where all your pictures are when you took a picture on Minecraft. Don't know how to take a picture on Minecraft? Push F2! :)
You can find more Info on this on Google, or whatever site you use. (Like Bing)
I Hope this Helped! If so, please leave a diamond and subscribe! The favor will be returned! That's Right! :D

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