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how to get bukkits on your server


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Step by step tutorial

you pc must have a task manager thing so keep that in mind during this tutorial

For bukkit downloads goto www.bukkit.org

(1) Download a bukkit.jar , put it into a folder , just a empty folder , click on your bukkit and A TON of files in your folder....

(2) Open a cmd prompt , type path set for it , do not close your cmd prompt.

(3) once your bukkit.jar thingy with all those other files are inb your file , click the one file that has the java icon on it.

(4) Press ctrl , alt , deleat ( bring task manager up )

(5) end all proceses that has to do with java.exe running...

(6) when you ended all your processes,make sure you turned your server off and your minecraft off...

(7) Once done you need to make a run.bat file , these are sorta easy to make but i would go look it up to make one , okay...

(8) once made a run.bat file , put the run.bat file in your bukkit server folder..then click on it in the folder... it should bring up a black box or a cmd prompt. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING IN THE BOX!!! leave it running!! now ifyou click the box off it should turn your server off...

(8) now your server should have new cmds and stuff with the bukkit you choose! :D if it didnt i would restart your pc..

if you haz questions tell me asap.. :D Enjoy minecrafters!
P.s this also works with hamachi servers ;) enjoy!

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