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How to get Glazed Terracotta

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Boldsuperking1 avatar Boldsuperking1
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
hey Guys! wanna know how to get Glazed Terracotta? I wondered, then one day I found out how!

So first, you need to find a terracotta biome. also called a Mesa Biome. A good seed that you spawn into one is all caps "BOOK". not only that, but there is a Dark Oak Wood forest there too.

Next step is to get some red flowers and turn them into dye. Then in your crafting inventory, put the red dye, with normal terracotta and make it red. then put it in a furnace. But that is only for red color. any color terracotta you want, let's say yellow and make it a Yellow Glazed Terracotta block. I hope you get the idea. but many people like these blocks, but don't know how to make then in survival. I hope this helped everyone!

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