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How to get Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Windows 10) 'free'

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To get Minecraft Bedrock Edition for 'free', or pretty much free, is to actually get Minecraft Java Edition first, it sounds like a waste of money, but it isn't. To get Minecraft Java Edition for pretty much no cost, go to a games shop, that sells Minecraft Redeem Codes, then check that card's expiry date and wait until aroun 3 days before it, then the shop will lower prices to try to get you to buy it, for example, normal Minecraft Java Edition costs around $20 - $30, but when the shop lowers price it will cost around $7 - $10. After you have bought the Redeem Code go to minecraft.net and create a free account. After creating the free account, use the Redeem Code to claim a copy of Minecraft Java Edition, after you have claimed Java Edition, you can also claim a free copy of Minecraft Bedrock (Windows 10) from the windows store, that way you have both versions and the versions don't clash, e.g. file mix - ups, or file data corruptions.

Minecraft Java Requirements:
Java, for Minecraft DOWNLOAD, no 3rd party

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