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How to Get Mob heads in vanilla minecraft

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In Minecraft, you are able to obtain the other mob-heads legitly without cheating them in, of course these heads are



these previously creative mode only to obtain them ingame

but there is a way to get them in Vanilla minecraft without the use of mods, commands or hacks, not many people know this, but it is a fun mechanic to learn

you will need

The Mob of your Choice

,in this case i went with a skeleton, however you may also go with a creeper or a zombie

a charged creeper

Yes you read this correctly, you will need to find and lure a charged creeper to your mob

you can obtain the creeper by using commands by finding a creeper and doing the command /summon minecraft:lightning_bolt which strikes lightning on yourself, or you can find one in a thunder storm in minecraft, they are pretty rare but they exist


stand next to the creeper (or hit it with a flint and steel) to detonate it, it will explode killing the mob(s) (and probably you), then return to the place it murdered you and if you're lucky the relevant head will have dropped.

a creeper head will only be dropped if the charged creeper kills a normal creeper with it's explosion, so you need to get the charged creeper to detonate before the normal creeper and kill it's uncharged counterpart before it kills you


when returning to the scene along with the mob loot (most of it gets blown up) there should be a head from the mob that was killed, I suggest doing it with groups of mobs instead of one mob, as the chance for the head not to be destroyed in the explosion is less.

And that is how you obtain a mob-head in minecraft, please note this does not work on wither skeletons, (i have tried it and i can tell you it does not increase drop chance or anything sorry to crush your dreams) I hope you found this tutorial interesting and useful.

Im gonna be re-writing lots of my old work to update it using new mechanics, so stay tuned for that

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Update #1 : by Karrfis 04/20/2017 9:27:39 pmApr 20th, 2017

Rewritten entire blog, redone all images, changed language to how i speak this year instead of how i did 2 years ago
retested entire mechanics and re-did the blog for the latest version of minecraft

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10/02/2019 7:02 pm
Level 27 : Expert Skinner
AnUnlawfulWaffle avatar
You can also get steve heads if a player using the skin gets blown up :P
07/24/2014 12:24 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Unicorn
Monster Unicorns
Monster Unicorns avatar
Mojang, Its good that they put this into vanilla but also good that they made it Very hard to obtain, But Yeah it was probably suposed to be that way, Now if you'll excusse Me I'm going to go out in thne cold rain of the night find aiting for lighting to strike a creeper and find another creeper to blow it up.
07/24/2014 12:32 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sus
Karrfis avatar
/summon Lightning_Bolt <x,y,z>
07/24/2014 12:44 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Unicorn
Monster Unicorns
Monster Unicorns avatar
I Want to do it Legitly though, Thats the point.
07/23/2014 10:22 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Artist
Gealx3 avatar
If this is the way they'll leave it to get mob heads, then this will be incredibaly hard
07/24/2014 5:32 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sus
Karrfis avatar
i think it was suppoed to be hard :P
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