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How to Get Mod/Admin/Staff Ranks

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Purple_Unicornz avatar Purple_Unicornz
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I bet a lot of you clicked on this blog because you wanted a quick and easy way to get yourself mod or admin. GOOD! Because that is exactly what this blog is intended for. This is an n00bo s guide to getting staff ranks on servers.

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This is like the first impression. You have to come off as formal, dedicated, mature, and a decent person in general. If there isno t an application format already set up, use the following, and follow the tips given at each question.

Rank you are applying for: This should be self-explanatoryo ¦

IGN: Durrrhh, if you dono t know this, (I have seen on the forums the question o What is an ign?o ) ito s your minecraft username. Or in game name, hence the abbreviation.

Age: Give your real age, but if you have to stretch ito ¦ I dono t think PMC allows you to do that :D

Maturity Level (Out of 10): Be honest, but its more appealing if you are in the top 8-10.

Building Level (Out of 10):

Images of Builds: When people put this question, theyo re looking for screenshots or videos. To take a screenshot of your builds do f2 or FN + f2 (those are keys). Or just look it up! Google has all the answers, apparently. Upload the screenshots to imgur o ito s a good website for image hosting. If you have a video, post the link.

Real Name: Put your first name only, for safety reasons.

Skype: Dono t give it out on your post. Just say o I will PM if acceptedo .

Do you have Teamspeak: If you dono t just download it here.

Are you experienced with : If you have absolutely no idea what that plugin is, look it up on Google and read a bit about it. Then say something intellectual about it. For example: if it is Hawkeye, say, o I know the basic commands and how to use the ant-griefing plugino or mention how you know it is an anti-griefer plug-in. Note: the plugins that people may ask you about, are not necessarily anti-griefer plugins.

Previous Server Staff Experience:

How long have you been playing minecraft: Be honest, usually they just want to make sure youo re not an n00b who has been playing for less than a month or so. If you have only played for that short span of time, you might want to add how it was only because you didno t have the money, or some other n00by excuse.

Who invented notch (n00b question): I saw this question on one of the recruitment topics. Great question. Its notch you n00bs or Markus Persson. Say which ever you prefer. Both for bonus points.

Why should we hire you: Stress about your positive points, dono t say anything negative about yourself. Promise me? If you do say something bad about yourself, you just sound stupid. Talk about your good personality traits and what makes you so special.

What can you do for the server: Talk about your experience enforcing rules, or how you are going to go about doing so. Tell them if you have any HTML or java experience, plug-in, website creation, and stuff like that. ADVERTISING. Anyone can do that. And because I <3 you guys (Links to minecraft listing sites):

Can you donate? If so, how much: Not many people want to donate, so if you do, it makes you more appealing. However, when you dono t want to donate, say something like o I am not able to donate right now, but I may be able too or o I will be able to compensate at first by making a website for the servero -if it is required that you donate.

Have you ever been banned: Be truthful, but you dono t need to if they dono t ask that (look down) question. Buto ¦ you probablyo ¦ should be truthfulo ¦

Link to your MC Bans: If you dono t have one, make one. Hereo s the link to them -> MC Bans

Ideas to improve the server:

Why are you applying:

Availability: Mention how long in hours are you available for weekdays and weekends. Usually its better to have a time range like 2 o 6 hours so you can have a minimum and a maximum, and the recruiters like to focus on the maximum as I have noticed.

Timezone: If you dono t know, look it up on Google. But Io m nice, so hereo s a link.

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I'm not trying to get a staff position from this application, this is only to help those n00bs out, the people who this blog is targeted for. If you want me to help you, just PM me and explain the details. But I added some trolly bits into it, just because i felt like it. The starrred (*) questions are the semi-trolly/trolly ones. If you truly need more of my help PM me, believe me, every single application I have made has been accepted, except for one :'(

*Rank you are applying for: Awesomeness!

IGN: Joswimmer

Age: 14

Maturity Level (Out of 10): 10/10 Unless Io m making a silly blog like this one :P

Building Level (Out of 10): 8/10 The truth!

*Images of Builds: Look at your screen, now my screen. Oh sorry, you cano t see my screen? Too bad, you wouldo ve been able to see this awesome minecraft build of mine! (Io m not usually this trolly, but this blog has got me in the mood)

*Real Name: Anonymous

Skype: I will PM if accepted

Do you have Teamspeak: Yes I have it.

*Are you experienced with : I have no idea what is! (PMC really needs to add a troll face emoticon)

Previous Server Staff Experience: I have administrated for Minedog, ShadyRealms, Skypvp, MuffinCraft, United Nations, and Aquarius. I also

How long have you been playing minecraft: 9 months and counting

Who invented notch (n00b question): Notch (Markus Persson)- Yes! Bonus point!

*Why should we hire you: If you really want to know, just PM me. Some of my secrets of epicness must be kept a secret, or it wouldn't be secret.

What can you do for the server: I can advertise a lot. I can make a website for you. Io m currently working on learning how to make custom plugins so that may be an option for the future for your server. I am also very good at coding the permissions for ranks. I will also be able to shape your server into a fun and safe environment for all you players/members. I will also enforce the rules and deal punishments to rule breakers accordingly.

Can you donate? If so, how much: My pocketbook is empty right now because Io m saving up for a new laptop. But to compensate at first, I can easily make a website and advertise a whole bunch!

Have you ever been banned: Io ve never been banned because I follow and respect the rules and the server staff.

*Link to your MC Bans: If you want to recruit me, Io ll give you it. But, I have a feeling that one of these n00bs was going to pretend my account was theirs.

*Ideas to improve the server: Add me to it

*Why are you applying: Because I promised the readers a good application example.

Availability: On weekdays, I am available from two to six hours per day. On weekends, I am available from six to twelve hours per day.

Timezone: EST

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Oh yeah, you actually promised to do stuff for these guyso ¦ Ooohhhhhho ¦

You must fulfill this part, or you may lose your rank. Dono t worry, youo re almost to the part where you get to stop trying.

This is a mini list of steps inside of a bigger step (Step Two)

1. 1. Join the server (if you dono t know the ip, request it from whoever recruited/accepted you. Or you can check the forum or place where you posted your application)

2. 2. Say hello, be nice to everyone who joins. Say o Welcome!o This will make you look nice and mature.

3. 3. Tell them your username and what position you were accepted to and who accepted you. If no one is on who can help you and give you that position, wait patiently. It makes you looked dedicated to the server and extremely loyal. However, if you start spamming for the guy to op you or give you your rank, it makes you look power hungry. Only ask once when you join, and once when the owner comes on. - If they ask you to just play for a few days, to make sure youo re o worthyo (WTF are they thinking, you ARE worthy, but only because you read this blog and you are now a master!) Agree and play if you have the patience. If you dono t, go back to Step One and find an easier server to get a staff rank on.

4. 4. By this mini-step, you should have whatever rank you applied for, or higher for those good students :P. If the server is not public or fully up, try to help out with anything you can. I know, B-O-R-I-N-G. So hereo s something easy you can do. ENJIN. Ito s a free website host who has really easy formats, a wiki to go along with it and some helpful YouTube videos. Check it out here.

5. 5. Now the server should be up and running. You should offer to advertise (remember those links I gave you in Step One? Clickity clack their faces and do some easy advertising).

6. 6. For the first week and a half of you joining, you need to spend an hour or more on the server, each day. Two hours is preferred. Just hang out in the chat. This is the o trial timeo . It is your o testo . In this time you cannot abuse your powers or there will be a permanent, and you will not be able to take it back, **** **. Basically you lose your position or get demoted to a lower rank. It will take an endless amount of time to get back up there, but in the mean time, someone most likely already replaced you. #sadface.

7. 7. You are now free to only come on for half an hour or more, four times a week. If you dono t want to go on for a week or so (this must be after a whole month or 4 weeks has passed since you joined) tell the owner youo ll be gone because of a lot of schoolwork, a vacation, or some other n00by excuse.

8. 8. Io m not asking you to, but if the owner is not ono ¦ What does he know? <- n00b question, that guy or gal knows EVERYTHING! Except for this (insert troll face)

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Who knows what happens from here on?

Of course I do!

Your options:

· The trial was successful! You followed these simple easy steps and you were not a power hungry n00blet. I award you an A+ in my o How to Get Mod/Admino class. How about trying out another one? Favoriting this blog? Diamonding it? And commenting about your success! But more seriously, youo re welcome.

· You abused your power, in the o trialo stage or the owner noticed and had evidence. Bro that sucks. That guy wasno t worth it. Have another go. But on the bright side, you get to add his server onto your o server experienceo list, heo ll never know -> unless he sees your post. B for your efforts.

· DUUUUUUUDDDDDDEEEEEE! You didno t follow the steps correctly. A BAN! SERIOUSLY! Lol, I dono t care. Have another go and learn from your mistakes.

· You dono t know what went wrong? PM me or comment on this and Io ll help and try to help you.


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Also check out my other blogs, Io m striving for 100 views on the 12 days of MC parody o only one more view :D


Thank you for reading and I hope I helped some n00blets out.

o ®Peace out my Unicornzo ®

Disclaimer: All of what I say when I'm being a little bit trolly; I do NOT agree with griefing, spamming, hacking, or abusing staff powers. I only made this blog for fun and a chance to be a little bit trolly, which is unusual for my mature self. I prefer getting ranks the "harder" and "longer" way, which happens to be the more "moral" way.

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01/30/2013 9:20 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
l3god3vil avatar
I use the way where you go onto the server FIRST for about 3 months, then apply for staff.
01/04/2013 3:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
United Nations
United Nations avatar
I need to watch out for n00bs using your tips on my server...
01/03/2013 8:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WillBreault avatar
Dear Purple_Unicornz,
This is a good blog however a few things i would change. First off at the end you go into a mode where you think your some hotshot. Quite frankly its rude, and i vulgar. I would remove the whole bottom section and write something nicer to the people who view this. I would not like to subscirbe/favorite/or comment if your saying comment on my face, diamond this!, and subscribe until my subscribe meter dies of fatness. This is rude, childish, and not mature. Yet somehow you wrote a good blog. Anyway good going and keep up the work.
01/03/2013 8:20 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Narwhal
Purple_Unicornz avatar
I changed it :P. I hope you like me and the blog better now.
01/03/2013 6:10 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
butterbandit avatar
Lol Great Job! From Stutterbutter.
01/03/2013 6:28 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Narwhal
Purple_Unicornz avatar
<3 Thanks Bro!
01/05/2013 6:04 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
butterbandit avatar
But your doing this to me O:
01/05/2013 7:22 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Narwhal
Purple_Unicornz avatar
01/06/2013 2:31 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Skinner
butterbandit avatar
You Used These Tips On My Server D:
01/06/2013 3:31 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Narwhal
Purple_Unicornz avatar
Doesn't count! That was for a survival server whitelist - different
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