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How to get more subscribers on PMC

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avatar Jord158
Level 47 : Master Taco
Hi there! I'm Jord and this is my first blog post.

I know there have been many "how to get more subs" before this, but as a user with a lower level this is what I look for in a person I sub to.

1. They ALWAYS post their best work (no posting crap for EXP!!!)

2. They post often (dont just wait for the EXP to keep rolling in)

3. They are active in the chat and the fourms (they chat with other users)

4. They dont tell you that if you sub to them they will sub to you

5. They are friendly and DONT troll (no spamming smily faces in the chat)

6. They are good at what they do (bloging, skining, modding, Pixle art, Building)

7. They reply to almost every coment or PM they get

Those are the guidelines for people that want me and people like me to sub to them.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog! If you want to see more how to's or writing feel free to PM me or leave a comment. If you liked please Fav and if you want to see more of my work it would be nice if you could subscribe!!! (Also if you REALLY liked you could leave a diamond ;) )

Peace, Jord158

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Update #1 : 04/29/2012 2:52:02 pmApr 29th, 2012

Added a pic and made the body of tutorial better

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