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How to get ranked on a server, Fast and easy! (kind of a joke) [I made popreel!]

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grin141's Avatar grin141
Level 24 : Expert Toast
Today I will share with you my two methods to getting ranked on a server, Both I have tried and verified they work on most servers! One of these may appear to be sexist, but have no fear I am not sexist.

Method 1: Pretend to be a girl and make the owner fall in love.

For this method you are going to be seducing other people!

Step 1. Change your skin to any of the Girl skins that may appeal to people of the ages of 10-20

Step 2. practice adding lots and lots of emotocons.

Step 3. Go and strut your stuff onto the server of your choice and find out who the owner is.

Step 4. Say hi to the owner like this "Hai <3!"

Step 5. Be friendly and seduce them with your newly found skin and girly habbits!

Step 6. If they ask you where you live and how old you are, just make up a location like Cali and an age like 14 or 15.

Step 7. Just keep working on seducing them and after your feeling confident enough then tell them you have never been admin on a server and you'd really like to!

If you have followed all these steps correctly then you should be good to go!

Method 2: Be a boot licker!

For this method you are going to be cleaning their boots until they shine!

Step 1. Join a server of your choice and ask if you can apply for a rank.

Step 2. (only works if they gave you a book and quill) Now that you have a book fill it with information like...

Age: can be fake.

Gender: can be fake.

How much you love their server: is probably going to be fake.

How many servers you have been ranked on: Can also be fake.

Step 3. Continue to Suck up to them until you have achieved your goal!

I hope my guide has been very helpful in helping you get ranked on a server!

Again this is kinda a joke even though these work and I have tried both. (Don't hate on me pretending to be a girl lol)

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08/02/2013 9:14 am
Level 24 : Expert Taco
Jaxtrm_'s Avatar
Man, these suck. You're doing it the hard way. All you have to do is go on to a server and ask, "canz eye b op pleez?" then spam that until you're and OP! Clearly...
08/16/2013 10:45 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
MasterOfTheNarwal's Avatar
That never works... xD
08/01/2013 2:14 pm
Level 22 : Expert Warrior
LightNinja237's Avatar
Lol the kitchen is where the knives are i did that to my friend cause he was being sexist he was like O.O uuuuuhhhh I was thinking thats right @#$%^
08/01/2013 1:51 pm
Level 1 : New Pirate
kamencraft's Avatar
Awwwwww! It didnt work for me since owner WAS a girl :P LOL!
08/02/2013 10:53 am
Level 33 : Artisan Dwarf
spires33's Avatar
08/02/2013 12:27 am
Level 24 : Expert Toast
grin141's Avatar
08/01/2013 1:49 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Prince
MayuriYandere's Avatar
the sad thing is that most of this stuff does happen xD
it's a little sexist but hey i got a donator rank, for my suffix i put pink hearts and rainbows saying F**** off Loser!, xD no joke
08/02/2013 12:26 am
Level 24 : Expert Toast
grin141's Avatar
08/01/2013 12:23 pm
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Herobrine
RedXuchilbara's Avatar
So your saying 14-15 year old girls should seduce guys that could be over 18, or maybe even 30 years old ?_?
this is messed up.
whats the world coming to?
08/02/2013 12:26 am
Level 24 : Expert Toast
grin141's Avatar
Im not saying that at all...