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Minecraft : Desert Survival

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Warning : These are all based what I've experienced on this challenge and some might not be 100% accurate.

  I have realized that youtubers are tend to play minecraft with "OP" datapacks and stuff... and of course I watched some and the looks of it there's no much challenge to it and its so boring to watch in general. Like there's no intensity to it b
ut I also realized that people don't really survive in deserts and they always choose on forests or fields and there's an opportunity opened for me...

  Minecraft's world creation menu has an option called "Single biome" and people don't use it much and~ I made a desert only world. I don't know what's the consequences or debuff and it was pretty boring... BUT! but I had an idea to make things interesting and hard... by adding thirst to the game! yes, thirst and stamina. I found this mod that adds like what I wanted and its perfect for a world type like this.

  I added the mod, booted up minecraft, played my desert world and I said "holy crap! this is gonna be interesting!". I know some people might not take the challenge but yeah I get it "do whatever you want". So now lets go to the tutorial bit where how I started to get materials.

How to make a Desert only world

1. Click "Create new world".
2. Next "More world options".
i think you forgot o make a world

3. Select the world type to "Single Biome".
u definitely forgot to play minecraft.
4. Click customize and select "Desert".
idk. you forgot your memories.
5. Done and now you're ready to go!

  So, you made a Single world type which selected as "Desert". You might want to get rid the mod mechanic called "Temperature" because "hot", "warm" yeah.

- First things first, Find a village. no jokes
  • Trees don't generate in deserts so you might want to get iron early on by killing the golem in the village.
  • Iron golems drop iron ingots around 3-5 ingots.
  • Make an iron pickaxe not axe. You don't need axes because... no trees.
  • Dead bushes drops sticks. They drop sticks around 0-2 without using shears.
  • Each village desert house chest contains 3–8 item stacks.
  • Villages sometimes has free tile entities such as furnaces, crafting tables, etc.
  • These kinds of vicinity always have fountains/wells which filled with water sources.
- After all of that you need cobblestones.
  • Always have spare stone incase you lose your iron pickaxe.
  • You can make all kinds of tools but it should be stone variant for now.
  • Get much iron because you don't have wood in deserts.
- A house to stay in.
  • A place to sleep and store things.
  • To protect from aggressive mobs.
- Find temples for loot.
  • Take everything. Every item is valuable in this type of world.
  • Free terracotta blocks. Take them if you want them.
- Cave trips/Cave mining.
  • If you're lucky to find 5 diamonds you can use them to make a diamond pickaxe and an enchanting table.
  • You should have enough to materials to make better armor.
  • You must find a mineshaft. Mineshafts generate wood and wood is super super valuable but if you cant find them you can use chunkbase.
- Exploring Mineshafts : Get all wood.
  • Finally you can make an axe and mine all the wood you can find.
  • Keep an eye out for minecarts with chests because they contain different types of seeds for you to grow later on.
  • Cobwebs drop strings when mined with a sword. Strings can be crafted into wool blocks(white).
  • Wood acquired! Now you unlocked several things! but first for your safety you can now make a shield to protect from ranged attacks. Be carefull.
- Better and Secured Vicinity.
  • Build whatever you want in your base. Its your base after all.
  • Make different kinds of farm. If you lose those seeds it means your not responsible.
  • Enchanting room has acquired. Enchanted items will be gud.
- Venture out into the unknown.
  • Find temples and villages. Get everything you need.
  • While you're adventuring keep a look out for sugar canes.
  • Do you need a different type of wood? well outposts is made of dark oak. For the builders that desperately need variation.
  • Each desert pyramid chest contains items drawn from 2 pools, with the following distribution:
loot table java
source : minecraft wiki
- Beat the game and survive.
  • This is the farthest I can give information and I think you know how to beat the game because you're a veteran of minecraft(i hope).

Mods used =

Screenshots from my world.

precious table
scary mineshaft
my first two diamonds
minecarts just right next to each other
the only clock
war pigs
sugarcane farm
the only cows left in this world
inclined farm
three diamondes
enchanting table
mob farm
sand castle/sand base
Creditscreenshots from me

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 10/11/2021 10:07:04 pmOct 11th

  • Added 10% more facts.
  • Added loot table screenshot.
  • Fixed text space.

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