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How to get the very best fps and performance out of Minecraft!

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Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
Are you tired of running at 7 fps, or just want to see how many fps you can get out of your computer? Chances are, you could be running faster! Read the below steps, and see if it helps!

  • Download optifine(duh!) Optifine should increase your fps. Also, it will give you more video settings to mess with. With this, you can make Minecraft run on multiple cpu cores! Not only will this increase fps, but as an added bonus, it will make those pesky chunks load faster. Of course you need to lower your video settings, too.

  • Download Razer's game-booster. This will put as much power as your computer can put out into your game. It's 100% free, and will probably significantly increase your fps. www.razerzone.com/gamebooster#product_overview
  • Attempt to overclock your GPU. If you do not know what you're doing, this probably isn't a good choice. If you aren't careful, you can damage your graphics card, motherboard, and more. I found AMD overdrive as the easiest, too. If you do this, make sure you closely monitor your CPU and GPU temperatures.Don't let either of them get over 186 degrees F (85 degrees C) (I am not responsible if you break things >_>)

  • Increase the amount of memory going to Minecraft. Thanks to the new launcher, this is much easier than before. To do this, start at the launcher. From the laucher, go to: Edit profile > check the JVM arguments box. You should see something that looks like this "-Xmx1G" Change the "1' to whatever you think would be best suited for the amount of installed memory you have.(This mostly gets rid of the "ran out of memory" error, but may give an extra boost to the game.

  • Make sure your power saver options are turned off! If it is turned on, it will make your computer run using minimum power!

If you have an AMD video card or chipset, this is for you! You can make performance a higher priority by following these simple steps: Right click on the desktop > AMD vision control center > Gaming > 3D application settings. There, you should find a couple of sliding bars. Slide them all down to the performance side(left).

For any video card or chipset, make sure your video card is up to date with the most recent driver! You can usually check it on the manufacturer's site.(For example, www.amd.com/o )

All of these steps brought me from a 45-70 average to a 70-140 average(not that anything over 40 matters) All of these

Well, that's about it! I hope this helped! Please comment if this helped you, and if so, by how much?

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09/21/2013 2:00 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragon
LeopardPrints avatar
Is it okay to do tip 4 if I have 4.00 GB of ram? (whatever those numbers mean)
09/21/2013 2:20 pm
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
Hotpancake avatar
If your total amount of ram is 4GB, and you use all 4gigs, it might cause instability with other applications. I would recommend going to 2-3gigs.
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