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how to get your friend off of your lan #1

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avatar mrr11
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there are many ways to get rid of your friend and many reasons.you could exit out your self but when you put it back up he/she will just log on again.so that's why i made these methods in this tutorial you will need a mod that adds new entities that cause your friend to crash an excuce to use on your friend and reasurance that your friend won't just go and download the same mod and rejoin and of coarse a person to use this on. once you want to get rid of your friend just place down/spawn the entitie (throwing mod items on the ground when your friend dosn't have that mod works too. enjoy your now more private lan server. btw doing this while the other person is hosting will crash you insteed. comment for more!

I am not responsible to any thing that your friend does to you if they know you did this on porpose

i will add a vid when i do this to my friend to cheese him off
Creditmy friend for not hitting me after i wrote this thanks!
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