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how to grief a faction(tips & tricks)

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joshthepieguy avatar joshthepieguy
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
have you ever been on a faction server and it ALWAYS has a dominant faction? the faction that finds and raids every faction that is starting to get powerful,have they ever raided you before,well there are some ways to get around protections here are some tactics you could use (NODUS IS STRONGLY RECOMENDED):

tactic one:betrayal

step 1:try to join the dominant faction if there is no way you could ever join skip strait to tactic two

step 2:if you sucessfully managed to join there faction IMIDIATLY write down the coordnites of the base (just in case)but don't ask about backup bases right when you join because that will sound realy suspicios if you want to exterminate the faction you might need to gain total trust in the owner of the factiong like get him on skype,steam,maybe even facebook or twiter,or hopfully not myspace (myspace is dead) fallow these exact steps when you figure out where all the bases are fallow on to step 3 after you figure out where the bases are

step 3:wait till everybody on the faction leaves and make sure there is no body around you,its recemended to have nodus for radar.FIRST search the chests EVERY CHEST,you might need nodus to help you seach for chests.its very important that you put everything you want to steal in a diferent chest far away hidded from the base you should probibly make a underground base about 500 blocks in a specific direction away from all bases of the faction(for example you could build a base 500 blocks east of the base)

step 4:REVENGE TIME,make sure that all you have on you is a diamond pickaxe,the best diamond sword you can get your hands on,the best armor you can get your hands on (enchanted stuff is realy good) or the following recomended items-a diamond shovel if you have one,a bow and some arrows (just in case)just start to grief from top to bottom or however you like to grief as long as you dont use tnt becase you dont want to kill yourself with those goodies your goal is to make the faction mad (bonus points for making them quit the server for ever)your just about done you just need to wait for the best part:the reaction,if nobody joins then you are done but step 5 is a what if step.

step 5:this senarios are for the people who earned the trust and got faction mod so its for FACTION MODS ONLY if some1 from your faction joins and you have top enchanted diamond armor and top enchanted diamond sword then wait for him to realize your griefing then kick him from the faction then kill him,if your both mods i don't remember if you can kick faction mods if your a faction mod too but atleast try if you dont know like i don't know but if you do know just kick him if you can if you cant then build a tiny outpost and fight for you life just kill kill kill,a griefer never surrenders,if the owner of the faction is a staff member of the server -your screwed,unless its a griefing is aloud server then fight for your life,

step 6:if your not a mod and a non faction mod enters the game and catches you,just keep griefing unless he gets a staff member of the server if he does then fight untill you get banned,if you get kicked still grief.if a faction mod or faction owner joins then do the same with the other ones and fight for your life,thats just about all the scenarios you will run into

tactic 2:creeper grief (if tactic 1&2 didnt work skip to tactic 3)if you dont know how to creeper grief than i find that video that i put usefull

step one:if you can,try to find there coordnites,if you can't join there best allys faction and figure out where the coordnites of there base

step 2:lure creepers into there base and make them explode there base that is how easy it is to creeper grief,its kinda tricky don't get yourself killed.if its not one of those servers where creepers are banned (its a plugin)

tactic 3:tnt cannon(this is an of all else fails tactic,ill be thinking about more tactics later) watch this video if you dont know how to make a tnt cannon- www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEA1dlkxYVc

step 1:this tactic is recomended for people who already know how to make a tnt cannon and have failed to join the faction or if the server has the cannon plugin (its a pretty fun plugin actualy)but tnt cannons are very risky make sure you know what your doing so find there base and set up the cannon and aim it at the base and fire,its a pretty easy tactic for people who know this stuff

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01/17/2013 6:42 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Mage
-_-_ avatar
sorry to say, but not many of these are helpful. For instance, if your in a fac war you really think they will let you join? Creepers help but dont blow up chests, and what if the base is in the nether or underwater, or even in the end? Tnt cannons: Costly, dangerous, and not always work. I play on a server that is griefing and raiding but no tnt and lava allowed.
11/15/2012 11:32 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
WhiteLava avatar
wow minecraft has enough hackers don't tell people what nodus is.
11/15/2012 11:13 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
joshthepieguy avatar
so you clicked on my submission just to post that?ass
01/23/2015 11:22 am
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Ash Quiver
Ash Quiver avatar
I really suck at faction.  D:
11/15/2012 10:34 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cowboy
8g2t avatar
umm fuck you i hate griefers
10/03/2013 9:57 am
Level 21 : Expert Modder
Creeper_Modder avatar
Its tips for a raid server thats what you do -.-
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